Fortnite - Balance of the Summer Skirmish Week 5

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In an action packed game like Fortnite it is sometimes relaxing to take a short break and look at the balance sheet for the summer skirmish.

The team at Epic Games has compiled the most interesting facts from week 5 of the Summer Skirmish, including information like the furthest sniper kill and the like.

Fortnite - Previous balance of the Summer Skirmish

Hello Fortnite PvP participants!

Here's a quick summary and some numbers from the past few weeks:

  • The elimination from the greatest distance (267 m) was achieved by HighDistortion, where he did MoNsTcR with an assault rifle with a telescopic sight.
  • The sniper rifle elimination from the greatest distance (150 feet) was achieved by InTheLittleWood with a hunting rifle.
  • In week 3, three pairings dominated the competition, with 24 eliminations in first place.
    • SKT Ghoul and Ghost DMO
    • Mickalow and Robi62
    • Greyfox and mouZ Pug
  • In Week 4, there are significant differences between the top eliminations in each region. On the first day, the highest numbers of eliminations were still quite close.
    • On Friday, NotVivid stood out by 16 eliminations.
    • On Saturday VP Jamside accumulated a remarkable 26 eliminations over nine matches, almost three eliminations per match.

With these stats, let's get one thing straight: It is absolutely not easy to get high rankings and high eliminations in matches repeatedly when the lobbies are filled with the best Fortnite players. We just wanted to pay our respects to the talented players every week.

Outstanding performance in the showdown

Some showdown players really made a name for themselves during the Summer Skirmish. The player who fought his way to the top particularly quickly is called NotVivid. He finished 19th and 155th in the two solo showdowns, but his consistently good performances and high placements during the Summer Skirmish were impressive. So far he really excelled in the skirmishes on Friday - in weeks 1 and 4 he was able to take the victory. In week 1, NotVivid and its duo partner were able to hold their own against the competition and stay at the top, and in week 4 they clinched two more match wins to then grab first place.

Atlantis Mitr0 was simply unstoppable and won gold on Saturday's Summer Skirmish of week 3. He was able to secure the overall victory of Lightning Fast Showdown and got the highest number of points of all regions with almost 50 points ahead of the runners-up. Mitr0 has participated twice since his skirmish beginnings and was able to fight for 1st and 13th place. His individual performance was exceptional both times.

Another player has shown that he can do it: Reverse2k. Reverse2k was able to secure an impressive placement in Lightning Fast Showdown and did well three times in the Summer Skirmish. He finished 13th on week 2 points format, and the following week he and TSM Daequan finished 16th. In Week 4, Reverse2k catapulted himself to the top in NA by making a staggering 9 eliminations in one match and then winning sizeable prize money in 5th place.

At the end we want to mention another showdown participant who was swept through the competition and won “Hold the throne” on Saturday of week 4. Team Secret's Domentos finished 58th in the July showdown, but its true potential came to the fore in Week 4 of the Summer Skirmish: Domentos has epically won three out of nine matches, making an impressive 19 eliminations (third highest elimination number behind BlaxTV and Teekzy). He rose rapidly to the top of the leaderboard. He was the only Summer Skirmish participant to have achieved three epic victories in a single day of competition.


Furthermore, there was information about the performance of the servers and performance improvements that are constantly being implemented. The topic of the live observation function is also explained. More detailed information is available on the Fortnite homepage.

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