Fortnite - Developer Update V.5

Fortnite Jetpack

A lack of transparency can be said Fortnite Hardly to blame developers, once again they give an insight into the status of development in a detailed blog post.

Here are the highlights that are being worked on:


The controls when fighting, building and sprinting through the area should also feel good with a controller. There were already the first changes to Builder Pro based on feedback from the community.

Turbo construction has been improved and made faster, the first component takes 0.15 seconds, the following then a little faster 0.05 seconds.

The Aiming aid the edit mode helps many players, but for those who have been irritated by it, there is now the option to deactivate it.

The function for your own key assignments is also being planned.

Time-limited modes and items

So far, these time-limited modes have been used to test new aspects, the 50v50 mode is so popular that the team is considering making a mode available as standard for large teams.

Solo showdown was the first approach of a competition-oriented ranking and should be further improved and expanded.

Fortnite Jetpack

Time-limited items like the current one Jetpack are also used to test whether and what effects they have on the game and the general balance.

Limited Time Mode: Playground (v1)
The time-limited Playground mode puts you on the Battle Royale map with adjusted settings.

Due to the longer time you can spend on the map and increased resource generation, you can fight and build to your heart's content. All treasure chests and ammo boxes have spawned, so try to land in different places and track down the loot. You can also move around in a team (up to 4 friends per match) and friendly fire is activated. But don't worry, you will respawn immediately.

Oh ... and there are a lot of llamas.


The team is constantly working on improvements to enable smooth and smooth gaming for everyone. For this purpose, extra tools are at work that report stutters and stutters and their causes directly to the team. The loading times were improved in the last update V.3.5 on consoles between 15 and 30 seconds.

Server side the Fortnite team improved the tick rate of the server, so that the data in the game is updated up to 50% faster. These improvements should also be implemented for large team matches such as 50v50 in the future.

In the user friendliness are improved messages on the progress of the challenges in progress, markings in the world that are visible to your team and the victory screen should be more epic. Already in 4.2 there were improvements to footstep noises, so that it is easier to perceive whether players are above or below you. This function is still being worked on.

You can find the detailed blog entry by the Fortnite developers on the official site find.


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