Fortnite developers are planning new servers and voice chat

Fortnite developer update

Publish the Fortnite Developers share their plans for the near future, including voice chat and improved controller controls.

Since the publication of the FreeToPlay Battle Royale Mode, Fortnite makes headlines as one of the fastest growing F2Play games. Over 10 million players are said to have already plunged into the fight and make, at least the PvP mode, a real hit.

Fortnite - New servers

The following plan is to be implemented in the next 4-6 weeks and also provides for improvements to the server infrastructure to cope with the crowd. The competition from PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS can tell a song about these problems, both games have grown so rapidly that it is difficult to adapt the systems. Not every server structure that is planned for X players can be easily expanded a hundredfold. Contrary to the opinion of some fans, in reality it is simply not enough to plug in another computer.

To make communication easier, Fortnite should also have a voice chat. The Anti-cheaters System will also be further revised and updated.

The announced statistics and Leaderboards are also on the agenda. The controller support

Fortnite developer planning


  • Team communication including voice chat!
  • General team / duo improvements
  • Ongoing shooting and adjustments to the game balance
  • SP (key positions) on the map and improving the frequency of prey
  • Improvements to the observation
  • Inventory improvement
  • Bug fixes for more usability


  • Alternative configurations
  • Improvement of the controller
  • Improved response time to inputs on the console
  • Improvements to aiming aid


  • 3m HUD console experience
  • Improvement of the "invite system"
  • Improvements to the MOTD system
  • QOL functions for streamers and content creators (hiding elements of the HUD, etc.)


  • statistics
  • Leaderboards
  • Cosmetic items / take away
  • progress
  • Summaries / Mission Reports


  • Anti-cheat system
  • Console performance, stability, and storage
  • Server performance and connection optimization
  • Reduction of the initial download size and the current patch sizes
  • Level transition to allow a variety of cosmetic items
  • Compatibility support / improvements for weak PCs


  • Setup of additional data centers to ensure a better ping
  • Public environment for testing


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