Fortnite - Mobile Version makes over 15 million profit in just 3 weeks

Fortnite - Mobile

The battle royale genre is likely to attract sales records, the Fortnite iOS version has already earned more than $ 15 million in the first 3 weeks alone.

Fortnite on the go?

If the idea of a battle royale shooter on the small smartphone screen with touchpad control was initially viewed with skepticism, the numbers speak for themselves. $ 15 million in just 3 weeks speaks for itself about the popularity of the FreeToPlay action game. The proceeds were therefore generated solely from purely cosmetic items such as skins, dances, etc.

The statistics of the SensorTower Analytics company as a result, even hits like Candy crush or clash of clans displaced to places 2 and 3. Of course you have to consider at this point that some of these games have been on the market for years. The Mobile Fortnite version, on the other hand, is brand new and benefits from an enormous hype.

Considering that so far there is only one iOS version and one release Android pending, we are sure to expect new record numbers soon. A big advantage over the main competitor PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS is definitely the cross server function. The mobile and desktop versions are like one another, and costumes and other cosmetic items are also available on the other devices. So you play with a single account on all devices and keep all the things you have earned or bought.

At PUBG, the normal and mobile servers are separate, i.e. your loot of clothes and weapon skins are not transferred.

Fortnite According to Epic, the operator and developer, revenues almost tripled by the end of the first phase when the iOS version was only available through limited invitations.

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