Fortnite - New features and news of the mobile version

Fortnite Mobile HUD

The Epic development team at Fortnite today reported on the current status of the mobile version.

Fortnite on Android this summer

The good news for everyone Android User first: In the summer, the mobile version of Fortnite will finally be available for your devices.

A feature that was loudly requested by the community was the ability to make the HUD, i.e. the display, adaptable. And the developers took care of this feature first and are implementing it this week. Any feedback and ideas for improvement are still welcome.

In line with this, improvements to the gameplay and controls are also being worked on. It can be a bit imprecise, especially on mobile devices. Specifically, the developers are working on improved automatic running and firing. You can then use the options to set exactly which variant works best for you.

Voice chat

An action-packed game like Fortnite naturally also needs voice chat so that you can coordinate your team even in the heat of the moment. This comes with all the necessary functions to mute other players and should also work across platforms.

Below you will find the detailed message from the developers:

Fortnite State of Development: Mobile Devices

Hello everyone,

Since the start of the game, we've been working on continuously improving your Fortnite experience. This also includes some comfort and performance improvements.


We heard your requests to make the HUD customizable and implemented this option in the game this week. Try it out and share your feedback with us. We are happy to present you this new feature!

Customizable HUD blueprint

Fortnite Hud Empty


We know that the key to an epic victory is good communication, so we're working hard to make voice chat available on mobile devices too. In addition, you will be able to chat with your team members, no matter what platform you play on!

We also want to make the functions of muting yourself and other players, or opening all communications, as easy as possible. A button will appear on the screen that you can use to mute yourself or everyone in your group, or to turn the microphone back on.


We keep working on improvements. This includes, for example, improving automatic running and firing. Once we have these changes in place, we'll be adding options to Settings so you can try them out and see what works best for you!


We are aware of the huge installation size of Fortnite on mobile devices and are working to reduce it. In the next updates we will compress the size a little while at the same time trying to maintain the performance. We'll generally be reducing the size of the patches and adding the ability to download content in the background!


Fortnite is coming to Android!

The release is planned for summer. We know many of you are looking forward to this release and promise that we will hear from you again as soon as we have new information on it.


The game performance still has room for improvement in some areas. We're revising codes to optimize your experience (e.g. improved graphics quality) and want to implement a power-saving mode that allows you to achieve better performance at the expense of graphics quality. This will be our first implementation of this option and we will continue to improve it.


Many of you have asked us to offer a value monitoring feature on mobile devices. We are working to improve our value servers so we can handle more players, including those on mobile devices. We want to implement this feature in the summer as soon as we are confident that the improvements are going as we want them to.


After all, stability is one of our main concerns. With every update we try to fix crashes and other problems that you report to us. If you regularly experience problems with the stability, please let us know using the "Feedback" button in the game.

We thank you for your support and your feedback!

Many thanks,
The Fortnite team

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