Fortnite - New features for the Save the World mode

Several Fortnite Heroes for the upcoming event

Since the last great information about the future of Fortnite It's been some time, but today the developers at least announced the plans for the save the world Mode.

Fortnite state of development

The first big news is that save the world not yet this year Free to play Model is switched. Because unlike the popular Battle Royale mode, you have to pay for Save the World like a normal game at the moment. Since other standards apply in an F2Play game and the number of players is much more gigantic, there is still a lot to be improved in terms of features and infrastructure.

For the current players, i.e. the founders, there is a small gift from the developers: Who is the current one Fortnite: nightmares Participates in the event, receives the 2 free heroes Brainiac Jonesy and Skull Ranger Ramirez.

In line with this point, a new hero system is also in the works:

Fortnite - New Hero System

We're excited to announce a brand new, improved hero system! The system has been redesigned so that you can be more flexible and creative with the additional options when assembling heroes. You will have six hero slots available instead of just three. Choose the main hero you control in the mission and up to five others who will give you advantages and bonuses. We want to make the possible combinations more diverse and give you a tool for new, meaningful decisions. As soon as we have worked out the whole thing in detail, you will receive more detailed information in a comprehensive blog post.

You are changing a lot of my upgraded characters and items. What happens to the materials used?
For that matter, we are working on a reimbursement function for materials used. This is used when we make changes to sketches, heroes, survivors, defenders and other items that you have already upgraded. This process will initially remain in your hands. We'll mark the item that has been balanced, and you can decide whether you want to downgrade its level and upgrades. We will NOT automatically downgrade him. In this first version, we will only mark the heroes that have been customized as part of the new system. For special cases, we are still considering how we can return other materials.

And when it comes to events, we also like the creepy one, matching the season Fortnite: nightmares Event in the house or rather in the haunted castle. There are again orders around hexsilvaninien.

You can also find detailed information from the Fortnite developer team on the official site find.

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