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The Fortnite became extremely popular and successful through the free Battle Royale mode, does not mean that the developers ignore the "Save the World" mode. They presented the corresponding plans in a detailed blog.

This includes, for example, the problem of Coincidence addressed:

“We're developing new ways that will curb all of this arbitrariness and give you more control over your rewards. We have added new quests, storm rewards with certain advancement materials, and other activities that you can use to get specific loot. Will there be more of it? Sure, of course!"

Furthermore, you can use the corresponding currency during events to buy certain items. This change should come in December. There will also be the opportunity to improve the rarity of heroes. With this, an ordinary, gray hero can be upgraded to an orange superstar.

Fortnite - tons of improvements

In addition, there are planned improvements to the interface to optimize the overview.

A revised one Order card should come in January. It should be in December Mini bosses give in survival mode.

The ability anywhere on that inventory to be able to grab was another fan wish:

Access your inventory from anywhere - One of the most common requests. We took care of it. We'll get the feature into play as soon as we can! Then you can access your loot anywhere and anytime. Scheduled for December 

Some examples of your frustration:
You received rewards, but you couldn't easily see them. In terms of loot you really struck again and then wondered what happened to the cool new weapon. It really shouldn't be like that. We will improve that.

You can find the detailed statements of the Fortnite developers on the Epic website find.

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