Fortnite - Patch V 2.5.0 with a new pulse grenade

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Well, what does today's modern woman wish for when her husband has forgotten Valentine's Day? Exactly the new impulse grenade in Fortnite Battle Royale. (And before we see a horror story in the tabloids tomorrow: That was a joke!).

Nonetheless, Patch brings V.2.5.0 the new pulse grenade for the Battle Royale. Another new feature are the shrines, which are now hidden on the map and can be searched for treasure.

in the save the world Mode comes with the patch the spring storm event, the new improved inventory, lunar new year heroes and dragon weapons. In addition, a new BluGlo pylon with which the difficulty of most missions can be increased 5 times.

You can find the complete patch notes below:

Fortnite Patch V.2.5.0


  • Dynamic resolution and high quality temporal upsampling have been enabled for PS4 and Xbox One.
    • The dynamic resolution enables a more consistent frame rate in heavy combat and a better graphic display when the graphics card is under low load.
    • Full 4K resolutions are now supported on Xbox One X.
  • A button mapping for "Swing Pickaxe Repeatedly" on PC has been added.
  • The friends list has been expanded on PC and Mac to make it easier to search through long lists.
  • Special sound variations at the start of construction with wood / stone / metal have been added.
  • Fixed several scenarios where connection errors prevented logging in.
  • XMPP reconnection on consoles has been improved.
  • XMPP usage has been optimized.
  • Additional messages when returning from a match have been removed.
  • Unnecessary messages in the shop have been removed.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue on Mac where blank progress bars were incorrectly showing as full.
  • Fixed issues with Discord game invites and status messages.



Battle Royale

Weapons and objects

  • Impulse grenade has been added.
    • Blue degree of frequency.
    • Only found in treasure chests and supply deliveries.
  • The scope assault rifle is now fully accurate when zoomed in.
  • Headshot damage of the assault rifle with scope has been reduced from 250 % to 200 %.
  • Revolvers now use medium ammo.
  • The crossbow can now be found 20 % less frequently.
  • The minigun can now be found 12.5 % less frequently.
  • The drinking mug can now be found 15 % less frequently.
  • White / blue / green submachine gun no longer appears.
  • Tactical submachine gun
    • Magazine size increased from 30 to 35.
    • Fire rate increased from 10 to 13.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where sniper rifle hits would sometimes not be registered when aiming down when the connection was poor.
  • Fixed an issue where projectiles would miss nearby players when hitting other targets.
  • Fixed an issue where players could shoot the crossbow or minigun around walls if they were very close to the edge of the wall.
  • The messages in the event of a failed reload are no longer displayed for weapons that do not have a magazine (e.g. minigun).
  • Removed rounding up and down per round for shotgun damage.
    • Damage for each individual cartridge was previously rounded down to the nearest whole number.
    • Instead, all projectiles are now totaled before rounding down.
  • Fixed an issue where the minigun's drum would continue to glow after using the weapon.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that prevented players on consoles from using the first weapon picked up.
  • Fixed an issue where, under certain network conditions, players could be injured by bullets penetrating recently built buildings.
    • These bullets now hit the building, not the player.
  • Fixed an issue where projectiles would penetrate doors shortly after they were closed.
  • Fixed an issue where players could pick up an extra weapon or consumable while holding a trap.
    • This issue also resulted in players dropping entire stacks of resources and not being able to collect that resource for the remainder of the match.
  • Fixed a bug that caused shield effects to trigger when taking fall damage.
  • Fixed a bug that caused supply shipments to float in the air when the object below them was destroyed.
  • Fixed possible crashes when firing weapons before starting the battle bus.


Bug fixes

  • The football stadium and other buildings should now load properly.
  • Fixed an issue where in rare cases treasure chests would be empty.
  • Fixed an issue with an ammo box in Lonely Lodge that did not contain ammunition.


  • The performance of the player animations has been optimized to improve the refresh rate.
  • Dust cloud and shield effects at low settings have been optimized for better performance.
  • Fixed various issues with loading certain outfits and items at unexpected times.
  • Character models, weapons, and environmental elements now use a level of detail system to improve performance.
  • Level streaming has been improved by loading the content in the background.
  • The medium to low effect settings have been significantly optimized.


  • Net Debug Stats option for PS4 has been enabled. This function shows your ping and general bandwidth usage while playing.
    • The function can be found under the "HUD" tab under the game settings.
  • An icon has been added to the HUD indicating the button to open the map.
  • Total elapsed time has been added to the matchmaking UI.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where PS4 players were not counting for playing with friends.


  • Step sounds have been improved by adding different sounds for the top and bottom of steps on wood, stone and metal.
  • Volume attenuation is now based on player location instead of camera location.
  • Players can now better hear ambient noise while building.
    • The initial volume when placing a building has been decreased.
  • New sound effects have been added when placing buildings made of wood, stone and metal.
  • A new sound effect has been added that indicates when the crossbow is ready to fire again.
  • Step volume of team members has been slightly decreased.
  • Volume on sniper rifle hits has been decreased.
  • Volume of the emote music in the pre-game area has been decreased.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that prevented other players from hearing the minigun's spinning sound.
  • Fixed some sound problems with the Minigun's panorama distribution.

Graphics / animations

  • Graphics effects when moving through deep water have been improved.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Royal Knight's head to stick through her helmet.


save the world

Spring storm-Event

  • New orders will be added over the duration of the event! The Spring storm begins with a love story in a world marked by storms - with that certain something from Fortnite ...
  • Lunar New Year heroes have been added, each of the four with their own characteristics!
  • Dragon weapons have been added.
  • Mission rewards (preview):
    • Love ranger Jonesy, legendary soldier
    • Choice of three legendary dragon ranged weapons
    • New legendary melee defender
    • Gun tickets
    • V-Bucks
    • Spring storm-Gold
    • Reward for completing a repeatable mission
  • Gun tickets can be earned using the new "Adjusted difficulty" function (details below). They are awarded every time a mission is completed on an increased difficulty.
    • They are used to buy Spring Lamas from the Loot tab.
  • Bag tummies have been updated to give out firecrackers tickets for the duration of the event.
  • Spring llama can be purchased for 1,000 gun tickets via the booty tab.
    • Each llama contains a Lunar New Year hero or dragon weapon.
  • Each batch of 1,000 storm tickets was exchanged for storm llamas.
  • Up to 3,000 seasonal gold can be exchanged for Böllertickets at a ratio of 3 to 1. Any gold beyond that is lost. Spend any extra gold that is left before the update! Spring storm-Gold is also seasonal and will be replaced with the start of a new season.
  • Alerts for Mutant Storm and Miniboss missions are not tied to this event. Both have returned to their lower, "passive" level of activity and give neither rewards nor tickets.
    • Up to 3 mutant storms in the stone forest, 10 in other locations. | Quota: 4 per day
    • Up to 3 mini boss alarms in the stone forest, 6 in other locations. | Quota: 3 per day

New and improved universal inventory

* ATTENTION: This feature is currently being tested and will be available on Monday 19th February.

  • Inventory can now be prepared in the armory before entering the world.
  • World objects can be manufactured, equipped and recycled in the backpack screen.
  • Objects can be moved between the backpack and the storm shield storage in the storage screen.
    • These screens are only available for review while connected to a game.

New adjusted difficulty

  • A new type of BluGlo pylon can be found in the world that allows the difficulty of most mission types to be increased up to five times the difficulty.
    • With each use, the number of enemies increases considerably and their stamina and the damage they deal receive a small boost.
  • Every time the difficulty of the game is increased, there will be additional seasonal gold as a reward for completing the primary mission.
  • During the Spring storm-Events an at least one increase in difficulty is rewarded with Böllertickets, from 40 tickets in the low-level Steinwald to 94 tickets at the end of Twine Peaks.

Changes in frequency advancement and recycling

  • The cost of frequency advancement has been revised. The cost of increasing a hero's frequency level is now more training manuals and development materials (raindrops, eyes of the storm, etc.), depending on the hero's stars.
    • This change was partly introduced with v.2.4.2 and resulted in unexpectedly higher costs for the further development of heroes with 3, 4 or 5 stars. These costs have now been corrected.
  • If Sketches, Heroes, Survivors, Leaders, and Defenders with 2 stars or more are recycled, all advancement materials used to evolve them will now be refunded.
    • This change was made to give players the ability to level up and test new heroes, weapons, and traps without running the risk of losing valuable advancement materials.


  • Four new Lunar New Year heroes with their own characteristics:
    • Berserk - A fearless soldier who charges into close combat with a war cry and shock wave.
    • Clap of thunder - A ninja who stuns nearby enemies and uses this condition to inflict increased damage.
    • Riot containment - A designer who controls the battlefield with BAIT and wipes out enemies with a plasma pulse.
    • Flash - A mobile explorer who uses phase shifts to stun and escape enemies.
  • Plasma pulse
    • Redesigned to no longer jump when placed.
    • Rate of fire increased from 2 pulses per second to 8 pulses per second.
    • Base damage reduced from 80 to 14.
  • Forward Command Minigun is now marked as a long-range weapon, which allows the Soldier perks such as Crippling Shot to come into play.
  • Phase change of the explorer no longer interrupts most actions when activated, which allows the ability to be used more smoothly in combat.
  • The long arm of the law no longer makes the anti-material charge stop on the first building hit.
  • “In the zone” ability
    • Tooltip has been updated to clarify that 5 hits in a row are required.
    • Reset timer decreased from 5 seconds to 3 seconds.
  • Heavy Strike base healing reduced from 12 to 10.
  • [Revision] Firewall Advantage
    • Melee attacks that hit the constructor's shield trigger a pulse of energy that deals energy damage within a 0.5 tile radius and knocks away nearby enemies (16 second cooldown).
  • [Revision] Tactical bonus from firewall
    • Melee attacks that hit the main hero's shield trigger a pulse of energy that inflicts energy damage within a 0.5 tile radius and knocks away nearby enemies (48 second cooldown).
  • [Revision] Splinter vest advantage
    • Damage taken is reduced by 60 %.
      • Reduction is reduced by 15 % every time the soldier is hit. If the reduction is less than 60 %, 15 % will be recovered every 10 seconds.
  • [Revision] Strike Against Buildings has been redesigned: when the anti-material charge hits a building, some of the energy costs are refunded and the cooldown is reduced
  • [Revision] Wilderness Specialist Perk / Tactical Bonus
    • Killing an enemy with an ability or weapon restores 3 stamina per second for 3 seconds (scales with hero level and tech). Additional kills reset duration of healing. Is not activated when in full condition.
  • [Revision] Soldier Support Specialist
    • Weapon durability increase from "There are plenty of them ..." while Warcry is active has been reduced to 80 %.
    • "There are many of them ..." is now unlocked at level 30 (previously level 18).
    • Battle-worn perk has been added at level 18.
    • Removed "Lightning Fast" perk from level 30 (replaced by "There are a lot of them ...")

Bug fixes

  • Damage from the "china shop" tactical perk now correctly increases with the hero level.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Designer and Machinist Harper to have legendary stats across all frequency levels.
  • Fixed an issue that failed to specify that Thunder-BASE Kyle's Big Strikes require metal melee weapons to activate.
  • Updated the tooltips for the TEDDY and Stun Gun abilities to explain that these abilities increase the maximum fragment charge capacity by 1.


  • Heartbreaker crossbow has been added.
    • Sniper crossbow with Valentine's Day design
    • Fires bolts that pierce enemies, dealing high damage, and knocking away powerfully.
    • The bolts sink slightly in flight.
    • Requires heavy ammunition.
    • Available in the event shop for seasonal gold.
  • Dragon weapons are available:
    • Dragon roar - Semi-automatic rifle that fires piercing ammunition and inflicts fire damage to enemies.
    • Dragon power - Shotgun that fires explosive firecrackers.
    • Dragon claw - Sniper rifle that fires small missiles that attach to their targets and explode after a short delay.
    • Dragon wrath - Missile that leaves an explosive cloud after impact.
    • Dragon tooth - Medium sword that deals fire damage.
    • Dragon tusk - Heavy spear that deals fire damage.
    • These weapons have some unique advantages - discover them all!


  • Perks of weapons and heroes that increase damage against knocked down enemies will now work during the hull recovery animation.
  • Condition, stability and point rewards after mini bosses have been reduced by 20 %.
  • Slightly reduced the number of enemies that spawn in the presence of a mini-boss.
  • Raindrops and other advancement materials are now more affected by difficulty and mission reward chests. This means that everything is dropped more often (with the exception of lower quality chests).
  • Crackling Campfire Trap Sketches have been added to Bag Lamas.
    • A place in the collection has also been added for a crackling campfire.
  • The following quests have been added to the side quests category in the quest journal and are no longer daily quests:
    • The smart little bus
    • Data recovery
    • storm chaser
  • Manufactured weapons are now equipped with a magazine of free ammunition for the weapon from the outset (this does not take into account the current hero, the “don't waste, don't want” advantage has no effect on the size of the magazine).

Bug fixes

  • The Twine Peaks quest “A Glimmer of Hope” should no longer list “Get Data” as a target twice. Instead, "Ride the Lightning" should now be listed.
  • The description of the Life Sucker Assault Storm Zone Mutation is now more understandable.
  • Suffering can no longer critically hit.
  • Fixed an issue that could occasionally result in players being unable to level up after completing the Outpost tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue where the animation of the heavy attack with light swords would be interrupted by movement.
  • Fixed an issue where, in rare cases, players would not be able to collect BluGlo when near a player-created building.
  • Fixed an issue that made some ammo boxes difficult to loot.


  • "New updates" function added.

Bug fixes

  • A case of overlapping text in the shop has been corrected.
  • It is no longer possible to add something to a stack in the Storm Shield Storage that is not full if the maximum number of items has already been exceeded.
  • The tooltip for the Wilderness Specialist Tactical Perk has been updated to clarify that it does not stack with the Wilderness Specialist Hero Perk.
  • Fixed an issue where the weapon advance list would momentarily disappear in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue where the item level indicator would not update in some situations.
  • The Grenade Generation Perk tooltip has been updated to indicate that it takes 20 kills instead of 30.


  • Sound effects have been added to the Dragon Duff ninja ability.
  • New sound effects for activating and recharging the firewall have been added.
  • New sound effects for impact and recharge of the fragmentation vest have been added.

known problems

  • The “Colorful Night” event side quest appears on the quest card but is not available until the next phase of the event.
  • The “Colorful Night” event side quest incorrectly displays as completed on the assignment card when the main event quest “Our Song” is completed.
  • In the English version means Spring It On!-Gold mistakenly Sprint It On Gold!
  • Twitch missions do not currently provide daily missions.
  • Crafting contracts must be completed in the world.
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