Fortnite publisher Epic is suing 14-year-old cheaters

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"Millionaire Fortnite Publisher Epic is suing 14-year-old YouTuber" What reads like the headline of a well-known German tabloid is reality.

Publisher giant Epic Is really suing a 14 year old, but he has cheats / hacks for the Epic game Fortnite bought and thereby violate the EULA (End User Agreement). In a YouTube video he even demonstrated the cheats, in this case an Aimbot that automates aiming, and advertised the website from which he bought the illegal program. As part of their Fortnite endeavor, Epic got her Survival game with free battle royale modeFiled a DMCA request to keep cheat free.

With a DMCA denotes the illegal use of intellectual property on YouTube and similar platforms. After that, the video must either be taken down or an objection filed. The 14-year-old cheater filed an objection and Epic is now forced to prove its claim. Namely that he violated your copyright or your brand in his video. This usually happens in court, so that now the young person is actually sued by Epic in court.

Fortnite - Epic does everything to keep their Battle Royale mode cheater-free

According to the Fortnite Publishers, this would not have happened if the video had simply been deleted without objection.

The mother of the accused has now brought some counter-arguments in a letter. And tries to assign the blame to the company. The EULA requires your consent so that your son can play the game at all. She would never have given it. In addition, the publication of her son's name would be prohibited in the state of Delaware. Your son would be just a scapegoat and Epic should sue the website that sells the cheats.

A well-known YouTuber, who is himself a gamer and lawyer in the USA, Leonard French, reported about it on his YouTube channel. In his estimation, the mother's argument is shaky. In his opinion, a guilty verdict could also be extremely expensive for the parents. In fact, Delaware has no limit on parental liability for their children.


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So if you need to cheat, you'd better not post evidence on YouTube and then mess with a huge company. That can quickly catch the eye. We wish all honest Fortnite players a lot of fun in the next Battle Royale.

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