Fortnite - Remote Controlled Missile in Patch 3.4

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Fortnite - Remote Controlled Missile

Do you need some action over Easter? How about grabbing the latest weapon in Fortnite and surprising your opponents? Instead of the eggs in the bushes, however, your opponents will find a nice explosion and they are even the main attraction in this particular spectacle. The death weapon is a remote-controlled missile. So if you're a good pilot, you can make yourself comfortable in a hiding place, aim at your opponent, and then steer the good piece straight to him.

The remote-controlled missile is part of the recently released patch with version number 3.4. This brings not only new content for the Battle Royale mode, but also for the main game "Save the World"

A crossbow and a rifle are also available for the Battle Royale mode. But you have to say goodbye to the Magnum.

For “Save the World” there is a new spring storm called “The Three Hullsketiers”. You can also prove yourself against a boss, of course with an Easter touch. The heroes Miss Bunny Penny and Long-eared Marauder Jonesy wave as rewards. So let's go, grab the eggs and the heroes.

Of course, the team has not forgotten the annoying bugs. These were swept away in both parts of the game. There is no longer any need to fear a surprising throw up when you enter a narrow room in “Save the World”.

You can find the extensive patch notes below:

Fortnite 3.4 Update - Patch Notes

Remote Guided Missile (Battle Royale)
Blow up fortresses - with a personal touch.

Sniper Battle v2 (Battle Royale)
Better watch your head in sniper combat. The hunting rifle and crossbow were added, the revolvers removed.


Order series "The Three Hullsketiers" (Save the World)
Spring storm concludes with an Easter mini-boss fight.


Long-Ears Marauder Jonesy / Miss Bunny Penny (Save the World)
These heroes don't need a carrot for motivation!



  • Next phase of improvement for cross-platform gaming on console
    • You can now add, remove and manage Epic friends right from the main menu.
    • You can now send, receive, and respond to cross-platform group invitations.
    • The group search now includes Epic friends from other platforms.
  • On PC you can in and out of full screen mode with Alt + Enter can be changed - on Mac this goes with Option key + Enter.
  • The brightness and visibility of ammo boxes have been improved.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a rare bug where players would be catapulted upwards when touching the world in tight spaces.
  • In some cases, the edit mode UI no longer appears over buildings that were not built by players.
  • Players now move more fluidly while jumping.
  • Fixed a bug where restarting the game caused key assignments to be canceled on keyboards that did not use the QWERTY scheme.
  • The graphics settings menu has been corrected and is now updated correctly when switching to and from full screen mode.

known problems

  • Do you want to stay up to date on community issues? Then look at you here our chic new Trello board Fortnite | Community Issues to (in English).

Fortnite - Battle Royale

Weapons and objects

  • The guided missile is now in play.
    • Values:
      • Damage to players: Epic - 105; Legendary - 110
      • Damage to the environment: 1.000
      • Total duration: 18 seconds
      • Duration between shots: 3.13 seconds
      • Rocket speed: 1,300 units per second
      • Missile Condition: 100
    • After you've fired the missile, you can control it directly.
    • After taking the missile's perspective, you can no longer move your character.
    • The control of the rocket can be canceled at any time, after which it continues to fly straight ahead.
    • The missile persists for 18 seconds after being fired.
    • Moves a little slower than a regular missile, but does the same damage.
    • Comes in epic and legendary frequencies.
    • Use rocket ammunition
    • Can be found in treasure chests and supply drops.
  • Shotgun rarity colors are now more in line with their effectiveness.
    NOTE: Properties (such as weapon damage, frequency) remain completely unchanged.
    • Tactical shotguns are now common, uncommon, or rare (were uncommon, rare, or epic).
    • Pump guns are now unusual or rare (were common or unusual).
  • The egg launcher has been added as a seasonal item replacing the grenade launcher (just a visual change).
  • Jump surfaces appear 25 % more frequently.

Bug fixes

  • Problems with the Boogie bomb have been fixed and this item is now back in the game.
  • Fixed an issue that caused spike traps to set off when a player was standing on a wall with the trap attached.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent players from entering aim mode after landing if they held the aim button while jumping.
  • Fixed an issue that caused hunting rifles to fire inaccurately while crouching or at close range.
  • The trigger for remote detonation charges is now correctly removed from the inventory if another player destroys your stored explosives and there are none in your inventory.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to continue sprinting while the remote ignition trigger was being used but the trigger animation was not running.


  • Limited time mode: Sniper Battle v2
    • Hunting rifle and crossbow have been added.
    • Revolver has been removed.
    • There is no more going down. Players who are knocked down are eliminated immediately.
    • Legendary weapons can only be found in supply shipments.
    • Epic weapons can only be found in treasure chests.
    • Quantity of heavy ammunition found:
      • Floor: 6
      • Chests: 6
      • Ammunition boxes: 12
      • Stock deliveries: 18
      • Llamas: 90
  • Changed the order in which fragments of player buildings drop when taking damage.
  • The amount of loot in the waiting area has been increased.
  • The 30 frames / sec mode has been removed from Xbox One and PS4.
    • With V.3.4 we made some significant graphics card optimizations, which includes the resolution in 60 frames / sec. Mode, and now think that there is hardly any reason to play in 30 frames / sec. Mode. - Developer's comment

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused treasure chests to look unopened when viewed from a very long distance.
  • Fixed an issue where resuscitated players would get stuck in an incorrect state if a building piece was placed between the two players during resuscitation.
  • Targets no longer appear after completing the challenge.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players' headdresses to hover over their heads.
  • Fixed a rare issue where players could no longer control their character after jumping off the bus.
  • Fixed an issue where bushes and other surrounding objects would repeatedly disappear and appear at medium distance.

Mobile devices

  • For certain devices, a message was added on startup stating that the device is not supported. This message is:
    “Fortnite unfortunately only runs on devices that have at least 2 GB of RAM. Fortnite runs on: iPhone SE, 6S, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, iPad Mini 4, Air 2, 2017 and Pro. "
  • A new system for game file downloads has been added which allows for much smaller updates in the future.
    • When you start the new version of Fortnite, the download of the entire game files will begin (approximately 1.8 GB).
  • Anti-aliasing (4x MSAA) is now possible on all supported devices.
  • Whisper and group messaging is now possible on mobile devices.
  • A short tutorial for “Tap to Pan” has been added on first launch.
  • A message has been added informing players that jailbroken devices are not supported.
  • The automatic opening of doors now depends on the input instead of the speed of the player.

Bug fixes

  • Sustained attacks with the Harvest Tool are now more consistent when double tapping and holding the right side of the screen.
  • The left fire button is now more reliable and reacts better.
  • Treasure chests now react better to the player when opened.
  • Fixed some inaccuracies in typing to shoot.
  • The minimap no longer blocks input for movement and looking around.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in missed shots when tapping the screen and interacting with the HUD.
  • Some problems were fixed by using the actions Tap and tap + hold not registered.
  • Fixed excessive loading times on iPhone X.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when tapping on the Epic Friends List quickly.
  • Fixed an issue where the effects of pulse grenades were not noticeable enough at low settings.
  • The settings for turbo construction and the automatic material change are now saved correctly.
  • Weapons and consumables are no longer automatically picked up by the player who dropped them.


  • Significant optimizations have been made to the network code to reduce lag.
    • The game's responsiveness has been improved by now updating all players on the server per image. Previously only 50 players per image could be updated.
    • The lag at the beginning of a match has been reduced by optimizing network operations and improving the frame rate of the server.
  • Significant graphics quality improvements have been made on consoles, including resolution and texture improvements.
    • The texture filter sharpness on PS4 and Xbox One has been improved.
    • The texture resolution on Xbox One has been increased.
  • Improved the frame rate when there are many players nearby.
  • Fixed the stuttering that occurred in the game when you first encounter certain cosmetic items.

user interface

  • On console, group suggestions for your Epic friends will now appear in the lobby.
  • A zoom feature has been added to the map.
    • Zooming is possible with the mouse wheel.
    • Controller: Right trigger zooms in, left trigger zooms out.
    • Touch: pinch to zoom, swipe to pan.
  • In the elimination messages for all weapons, the shooting ranges are now also shown. This applies to shots that send or eliminate players from a distance of 50 meters or more.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where knocked down team members were shown as eliminated in the UI.
  • Fixed an issue where marking on the map was not possible if the map was open when transitioning from the waiting area to the battle bus.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from placing minimap markers on the edge of the island.
  • Game mode selection will no longer reset to teams when a new group member joins.
  • Fixed an issue where inaccurate pings were displayed in the Net Debug Stats section.
  • The mouse pointer will no longer be inverted on the map when Invert is activated.

Graphics and animations

  • The weapon particle effects have been improved for clarity:
    • Traces of smoke from bullets from rifles and pistols are more detailed. This makes it a little easier to see from which direction the shots came.
    • The impact of sniper rifle bullets is now larger and easier to spot.
    • Shotgun tracks and player hit effects now show more precisely how the shot is distributed and how many bullets hit the enemy.
    • Silenced guns now have a more inconspicuous muzzle flash and no longer leave traces of smoke.
    • The shot animations of the pump gun and hand cannon are now more meaningful and lively.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the white glow on some chests.
  • Fixed an issue where the crossbow reload animation would play even though it was not reloading.


  • The beeping landing sound of supply deliveries has been removed.
  • There are new hit sounds when watching a player landing a shield, body or head hit.

Bug fixes

  • The tire jump sound is now also played when watching.
  • Crossbow bolts no longer reproduce Valentine's Day sound effects when hit.
  • Search sound effects will now stop the entire time you search a Bag Lama.
  • Fixed an issue where it was difficult to hear landing sounds from players while hearing footsteps.

Fortnite - save the world


  • "Kampf Pro" is now available as a key assignment.
  • Sprinting no longer consumes energy.
  • Dying and being resurrected no longer affects the durability of your equipped weapons.
  • Searching bins is now faster.
  • Players no longer take damage when landing on a turbo surface with the hoverboard.
  • Up to 200 materials can now be stacked (instead of 99).
    • Items that are already in inventory will not automatically re-stack.
    • Items can be concentrated in a stack by dropping and picking up items or transferring them between the backpack and storage.
  • The trap stack limit has been increased from 20 to 200.

Missions and Systems

  • New Spring storm-Order series - "The three Hullsketiere"
    • The grand finale of the Spring storm-Events is here. Huge explosions, epic mini-boss battles and the quest reward from the legendary Miss Bunny Penny await you!
    • A special “Trojan Bunny” mission with a spring theme.
    • Take on three storm mini-bosses in one fight - find the best strategy against the evil trio!
  • The first Upgrade Llama purchase is now free. All players who have already completed the Pouch Lama tutorial will also receive a free upgrade llama.
    • Some players were unable to complete the Bag Lama tutorial if they had already purchased something using V-Bucks prior to completing Battle Royale. This has now been fixed.
  • Upgrade llamas and other activities can now place players in front of “deep choices”.
    NOTE: This only applies to normal lamas, not event lamas.
    • A depth choice appears after players make their first choice on a map.
    • Epic and Legendary maps of this type now regularly have depth selections:
      • Ranged weapon sketch, melee weapon sketch, trap sketch, hero.
  • The Troll Treasure Lama now appears twice as often.
    • The Troll Treasure now guarantees at least one epic sketch, one legendary sketch, and one epic or legendary survivor (of any kind).
  • There are more development materials available for completing a mission:
    • Place where the material is introduced: +10 %
      • (Example) Raindrops in the stone forest
    • One place later: +25 %
    • Two places later: +50 %
    • Three places later: +100 %
      • Raindrops in Twine Peaks
    • The mission alarms have been adjusted to these new values.
  • All missions in the game will now grant a certain amount of XP at each Commander level.
    • Missions are no longer "gray".
    • Missions that were previously shown as “gray” to a player now appear “green”.
      • There will therefore no longer be missions that do not earn you XP if you play with players of lower level.
    • XP rewards are now more generous when playing with lower level players.
      • Players will receive at least 30 % of ordinary XP rewards.
  • Mission Alerts
    • The number of firecrackers tickets after completing group mission alarms has been increased from 60–150 to 100–240 (scaling based on zone difficulty).
      • In the future, events with mutant storm and miniboss mission alarms will also award 100–240 tickets.
    • The miniboss mission alerts will now focus on conversion keys and high rarity items.
      • The chance for conversion keys has been greatly increased.
      • The chance for items of higher rarity has been greatly increased.
        • (Example) In Twine Peaks, the chance of a legendary conversion key as a reward for mission alarms is now 15 % instead of 1 %.
      • V-Bucks on Mini Boss Mission Alerts have been increased slightly.
      • Starting in Plankerton, there are now two mini-llamas instead of just one.
      • Slightly reduced the chance of advancement materials for mini boss mission alarms as an extra reward (but increased it for mutant storms).
      • XP is now less likely to appear as an extra reward on mini boss mission alerts.
      • Crafting materials have been removed from the rewards list.
      • Removed some items that were too low in rarity for their area.
        • (Example) No rare survivors in Twine Peaks
  • Twine Peaks and Bru Valley missions have had their rewards increased.
    • Survivor / Hero / Sketch XP
      • Bru Valley: starts with +8.4 % and increases with increasing difficulty to a maximum of +25 %.
      • Twine Peaks: Starts with +25 % and increases with increasing difficulty to a maximum of +39 %.
  • The size of piles of resources (wood, metal beams, etc.) now determines the amount of materials received (wood / stone / metal).

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to use triangular walls that are reversed to those shown as needed in Build the Radar Grid.
  • Fixed an issue where some traps would not earn you any points when activated.
  • Jump areas, defender posts, and turbo areas now appear more often in the world in later zones.
  • Fixed an issue where the wall catapult trap would not trigger if a level 3 wooden floor was placed next to it.
  • A spelling error in the description of the "Monstrous Videos" job has been fixed (English version).
  • Survivors on vehicles are invulnerable again until the vehicle is destroyed.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the participation badge to be awarded twice after failed missions.

Weapons and objects

  • Remote detonators are now in play! Blow something up ... from a safe distance.
    • Make an attack to place the explosive device and an alternate attack to detonate any explosive devices placed.
    • In addition to enemies, they can blow up buildings (except those on your own team).
      NOTE: You cannot damage game objectives.
    • They can also detonate when taking damage from weapons.
    • They can be found in the world and do not persist after missions are over.
  • The chance that the following weapon perks will be awarded has been reduced to approximately 30 %:
    • Damage to suffering targets
    • Damage against slowed / locked targets
    • Damage to stunned / knocked / stumbled targets
    • Critical damage against suffering targets
  • The costs of producing turbo surfaces should now be comparable to those of producing other movement surfaces.
  • There have been some balance adjustments for defenders:
    • Critical hit chance perks for melee and ranged weapons increased from 9 % to 15 %.
    • Critical damage benefits for melee and ranged weapons increased from 24 % to 54 %.
    • Long-range weapon magazine size benefit increased from 20 % to 30 %.
    • Ammo storage perk size increased from 12 % to 23 %.
    • Defender health, shields, and shield regeneration increased from 20 % to 24 %.
    • Melee weapon damage benefit increased from 10 % to 12 %.
    • Damage benefits of certain weapons increased from 12 % to 15 %:
      • Assault weapons, pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, axes, hammers, clubs, scythes, spears, swords.
  • The accuracy of defenders has been greatly improved and the rates of fire of all ranged weapons have been standardized for defenders.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Griller Trap to do less damage than expected on higher evolutions.
  • A potential solution to the floating electricity ceiling trap problem has been implemented.
    • The trap is placed a little lower than the ceiling it is attached to and the camera collides with the trap again.


  • Long-Ear Marauder Jonesy, a legendary skin for the Marauder soldier subclass, is now available in the Event Shop.
  • Miss Bunny Penny, a legendary skin for the sub-class plasma specialist, can be obtained by completing the Spring storm-Order series are received.
  • Mantis Leap energy cost has been reduced from 50 to 20.
  • Since sprinting no longer consumes energy, the "phase energy" benefit has been removed. For explorers with “phase energy” this benefit has been replaced by another “phase change” benefit.
    • Phase Scout Jess' level 12 perk "Phase Energy" has been replaced with "Phase Shield".
      • "Phase shield": "Phase change" causes the shield to regenerate for 4 seconds. Your shield will regenerate even if you continue to take damage, but the regeneration rate is reduced to 20 % of normal.
    • The Shamrock Explorer's level 15 “Phase Energy” perk has been replaced by “Phase Runner”.
      • Phase Runner increases movement speed by 25 % for 4 seconds after using Phase Shift.
  • The functionality of the "Recycle" benefit has been improved:
    • "Recycling" only takes into account the level of the building near the BASIS.
    • Level 1 buildings are worth 1 building piece.
    • Level 2 buildings are worth 3 building pieces.
    • Level 3 buildings are worth 6 building pieces.
    • "Recycling" now requires 3 building parts of the same material (previously 5) to generate a unit of the appropriate resource.
    • "Parallel processing" means that "recycling" only needs 2 building parts of the same material (previously 3) to generate a unit of the appropriate resource.
  • Headgear and backpack have now been added to the Shamrock Champion.
    • Headgear is added at 2 stars.
    • Backpack is added at 3 stars.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that capped Corrosive Blade damage at 10,000. Damage now increases as intended.
  • Fixed an issue that capped the damage from the "Burns" Tactical Perk at 10,000. Damage now increases as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Pop Tube" benefit of Forward Command was causing incorrect effects. Energy effects should now properly cover the weapon.
  • Fixed an issue where the ninja “throwing stars” would not deal damage at close range.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when viewing the epic and legendary versions (5 stars) of the following heroes:
    • Command Ramirez
    • Guardian Penny
    • Bluestreak assassin Ken
    • AC pioneer
    • Trailblazer Jess
  • Fixed an issue that gave the rare versions of the Lunar New Year Constructor and Explorer level 25 and 30 benefits.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Crippling Shots to reappear on enemies that were no longer affected by the effect.
  • Fixed an issue with the Constructor's Critical Hit Chance perk that was causing the perk to not work with the Dragon Fist Hammer.
  • The epic Sarah Claus now has the correct “Medical Vapors” benefit instead of “Dragon Dusel” at level 12.
  • Fixed an issue where the Dragon's Tail did less damage on first hit.
  • Fixed an issue with the "Recycle" benefit of the Constructor BASE, causing it to generate wood without there being any wood near the BASE.
  • Fixed an issue where the maximum resources collected per minute were not displayed in the "Recycle" benefit tooltip.
  • Fixed the following issues with "Smoke Bomb":
    • The smoke bomb will now correctly appear where it exploded and no longer where the player was.
    • The projectile no longer makes the player faster while it is being thrown.
    • The smoke wall effect only influences the player when he is within range of the area effect.
  • The window buttons have been removed from the defense post's ammo display.
  • The skill tree tooltip in the bonus section of the supply should now read "Contains at least 1".

user interface

  • The animations in the main tabs have been improved.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when adding friends after a match.
  • Fixed an issue where hero stats would appear as 0 % on the All Stats page.
  • The control with controller in skill descriptions in the skill tree has been improved.
  • Fixed an issue where the rarity color of the 15 % Trap Damage perk was displayed in gold instead of blue.
  • The "More" function has been removed from the backpack and warehouse screens. This function was not available with controllers and was not designed for these areas
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