Fortnite - Save The World Developer Update

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In addition to the gigantic success of Fortnite's Battle Royale mode, "Save the World" sometimes goes under. Nevertheless, the developers are also busy here and do their best to incorporate improvements and innovations.

Fortnite - future plans of save the world

In today's developer update, the Fortnite team presents the plans for the future of the Save The World mode.

1. Reporting system for troublemakers

Just a few trolls can ruin the gaming experience for many normal players and take away the fun of Fortnite. The first version of the Player reporting features, with these you can report troublemakers and Epicgames can then take action against it. Similar to League of Legends, you will also get a feedback if a player you reported has been penalized. Of course, not every message leads directly to a punishment, a graded system with warnings up to and including blocks ensures that players can change again.

  1. Bru valley campaign

Shortly after Patch V.5.0, he will be the first act of Bru valley campaign appear along with a new biome. The campaign clarifies the question of whether Dr. Vinderman is more of a hero or a villain. Where the "real Ray" is and who she really is and the background to the storm. All known and popular characters like Lars, Dennis, Penny etc. appear again.

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3. Heroes and sketches

The collection will be expanded to include new functions so that you can specifically recruit or research the majority of heroes and sketches. Some exceptions remain, for example: founding weapons or event items and the like. This feature will be released with Patch V.4.5. come

  1. control

The one developed for the Battle Royale "Builder Pro" The control scheme has now also been adapted for Save the World and will be available with V.4.5. In addition, there will be separate key assignment for the different game modes, as requested by the players.

Fortnite new opponent shocker

  1. Missions and opponents diversity

Also often mentioned by the players is the desire for more opponents and missions. In the next few months there will be at least 2 new types of opponents: the stronger shield bearer and the shocker.

Horde challenge

With V.5.0 the horde challenge will come again, and you will plunge into battle on a map that has already built bases. There you then compete against waves of opponents under time pressure.

In contrast to the first version of the challenge, it will be possible to select the level of difficulty more specifically. Also 10 opponent waves were a bit much and will be a bit shorter or faster in the future. As a new feature, mini-bosses await you that will spawn randomly in higher levels of difficulty.

The rewards are improved and should be significantly more Gold, event tickets, and benefit resources bring than in the first version.

In addition to the birthday event for Fortnite's one year old, the developers are also planning other improvements:

“This year we have a lot of interesting features planned for Save the World - many of which we haven't even mentioned here. We want to make missions and enemies more diverse - for example with a super shield - and to fine-tune the basic experience of the game. The game and its player numbers are growing steadily and exceeding the expectations we had at the beginning of this crazy journey by a multiple. We can hardly wait for the adventure ahead! "

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