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The Fortnite Creators have had some news to announce in the latest state of the development blog. The aim of the matchmaking is to group players with corresponding input devices, i.e. mouse + keyboard and controller / mobile on the other. This is intended to compensate for the advantages and disadvantages of the various control methods.

Fortnite - separate matchmaking

Here is an excerpt from the official reason:

In our opinion, you should be able to play Fortnite anytime and anywhere - regardless of whether you are sitting on the sofa with the controller in hand or playing on your mobile device on the go. We have identified several issues with aiming with the controller (including gyroscope controls) and are working on improvements accordingly. This includes, among other things, the tolerance to look around - how far you can move the crosshairs until your character also moves his head. These processes are sped up so you can make minor adjustments when aiming.

Input-based matchmaking
We've improved matchmaking logic, which should make the distribution of players fairer so that Fortnite is fun with any input device. We will implement input-based matchmaking in one of the upcoming updates. With this change you end up in the same match with players who use the same input device (e.g. controller versus controller, keyboard + mouse versus keyboard + mouse).

Furthermore, the Fortnite team continues to take care of the balance between the different weapons. It even takes into account the preferences of the gaming community, where the submachine guns are particularly popular. To make the shotguns more useful again, for example, the equipping time should be reconsidered.

We want to assess shotgun equipping time. Equip time was originally introduced to make quick weapon changes less effective. However, since the addition of the shotgun swap delay, equip time makes less sense.

  • By adjusting the pump gun, it will be ready to fire faster. We plan to align the other shotguns with this change over time.

In the further course of the very extensive blogs The player building and the materials, performance, Nintendo Switch and PS4 features are also discussed.

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