Fortnite - test of the new weapon update

Fortnite - weapon test

The shot model is like in a game Fortnite of elemental importance, the feel of the shots, the accuracy and the weapons all add to the feel of the game. The developers at Epic also pay tribute to this and are working on an improved model.

At the end of last year, two first goals were defined, writes Eric Williamson in the Fortnite blog, The pistol should no longer allow precision shots at long range. And the individual weapons should have clearly defined properties that offer different attack options. Aspects such as ammunition, the type of target and the distance from the target should be important.

To achieve this, the developers have now developed the shooting test 1 model and made it available as a limited mode for testing.

The focus is on:

  1. First shot accuracy
  2. Perfect accuracy + recoil (Note: some of you have already seen the videos online - we accidentally activated an early version of it a while ago. Oops!)

At the beginning of the year the new model was inadvertently active for a short time and some players were able to try it out. Corresponding videos of it ended up on YouTube. Now all players can try out the new system in a regular way.

Fortnite - changes to the first shot

The first prototype we want to test revolves around first-shot accuracy. This version is similar to the current model in many ways. However, there are a few striking changes:

  • Weapons now get extra accuracy on the first shot. This is shown by the red light of the crosshair. This effect occurs in the following situations:
    • Stand still
    • Aiming (not firing from the hip)
    • Scatter radius with maximum accuracy (i.e. in plain language: If you haven't pulled the trigger for a long time. That differs for each weapon.)
  • Critical damage from headshots has been reduced.
    • Shotguns now deal 150 % damage (up from 250 %).
    • All other weapons that critically hit headshots now deal 200 % damage (up from 250 %).
  • Some weapons now do less damage at a distance.
    • Up to a specified distance value, weapons deal 100 % damage.
    • The damage reduction begins at different ranges (depending on the weapon) until only 70 % damage is caused.
    • Sniper rifles, rocket / grenade launchers, and shotguns are not affected.
  • Further balance adjustments
    • The semi-automatic sniper rifle now deals 75/78 damage (was 63/66).
    • The assault rifle with telescopic sight now deals 25/26 damage (was 23/24).
    • All submachine guns receive +2 base damage.

Everyone should take this test. Wins and other stats count in this mode.

The developers plan to run several shooting tests in order to get as much feedback as possible from various sources. The more players participate and express their opinion and criticism, the better.

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