Fortnite - Update 3.5 brings the new light machine gun and 50vs50 2.0


The 3.5 update for Fortnite mainly brings new weapons and the 50vs50 version 2.0 mode for Battle Royale. In the save the world mode there is a new quest line with which you can unlock one of the new cyberpunk heroes.

Fortnite - Battle Royale

With the 50vs50 mode 2.0, the rules are slightly adjusted.


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The Light machine gunshotr is a new weapon for the Battle Royale and has 100 rounds of magazines with which you can heat up the opponents.

Fortnite light machine gun

Fortnite - save the world

Advance into the Storm: Encore (Save the World)
Move into the storm with Lars - great treasures and dangers await you. Should you successfully complete these challenges, you can unlock one of the new cyberpunk heroes.

Fortnite Cyberpunk

So that you are appropriately equipped for the quest, there is also a new weapon here. The Mercury LMG is one of the popular neon weapons and allows you to slaughter entire hordes of enemies.

Fortnite mercury rifle

You can find the complete German patch notes below:

Fortnite V3.5 content patch

Update V.3.5.2


  • The resilience of the servers has been improved in order to avoid longer downtimes.
  • Fixed the causes of a recurring crash on Xbox One.

Battle Royale

  • Shooting from cover has been moved back to the functionality before V.3.5.
    • This should solve the problem where players accidentally hit their own buildings when trying to shoot from cover. You will learn more here (Forum post in English).


  • As a thank you for the patience of the community during the server failures on April 12th. there are other gifts:
    • Battle Royale - 20 Battle Pass Stars
    • Save the World - 1,600 Seasonal Gold

known problems

  • Do you want to stay up to date on the community's problems? Then look at you here our chic new Trello board Fortnite | Community Issues to (in English).

Battle Royale


  • Limited time mode: 50V50 2.0
    • Two teams of 50 players each fight for victory!
      • Since this is a “large team” mode, profile statistics are not recorded. Daily and weekly challenges can be completed in this mode, with the exception of team-related challenges (“Get in the top 6 on the team” etc.).
    • Storm and map
      • Each team reaches the island from opposite sides by bus. On the map, your own bus has a blue silhouette and the enemy bus has a red silhouette.
      • The final storm circle is visible on the minimap right from the start.
      • Players have 10 minutes to scan the map for loot before the storm approaches the circle, then 5 minutes to fight, and another 5 minutes for the storm to shrink and disappear.
      • There are always 3–6 supplies falling from heaven every 2 minutes. They also only land in the final storm circle.
      • A dashed line has been added to the map to symbolize the "battle lines" between the two teams. If you cross this line, you run an increased risk of meeting an opponent.
    • prey
      • The resource collection has been increased by 75 % compared to the default.
      • Ground loot chance increased by 15 %.
      • There is now twice the amount of ammunition in ground loot.
      • Ammunition boxes now contain three times the amount of ammunition.
      • Chests now have twice the amount of ammunition and consumables.
      • Supply drops now contain twice the amount of ammunition, plus an additional consumable, an additional resource and an additional trap.
    • Bug fixes and improvements to modes
      • Fixed an issue where unequal teams were put together and a side had more than 50 players.
      • Players who have fallen to the ground lose stamina faster than normal (10 stamina per tick).

Weapons and objects

  • The light machine gun is now in play.
    • Rare and epic in terms of frequency.
    • Can be found on the floor, in treasure chests, and purchased from vending machines.
    • 25/26 damage (rare / epic)
    • Magazine with 100 rounds, fires medium ammunition.
    • Reload time of 5 seconds

save the world

Missions and Systems

  • Advance into the storm: encore
    • Let Steel Wool boom from the speakers and get ready for battle as Lars continues his journey into the storm.
    • Complete this series of missions and you can unlock one of the four new cyberpunk heroes.

Weapons and objects

  • Mercury LMG
    • This massive energy weapon has an average rate of fire and a large magazine.
    • It will be available from April 19 at 2:00 a.m. CEST in the Event Shop.
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