Grim Dawn - Ashes of Malmouth released

Grim Dawn

The extension "Ashes of Malmouth“For the Action RPG Grim Dawn has been available since tonight. With the DLC come 2 new specializations,  inquisitor and Necromancer, 2 new chapters of the story, a maximum level increased to level 100 and much more.

Grim Dawn is one of the insider tips for gamers Diablo 3 or Path of Exile does not lie or is already boring. Based on the classic Titan Quest and Titan Quest: Immortal Throne, Grim Dawn offers a sophisticated class system in which you can combine up to 2 specializations. This means that there are not only 10 classes, but also a myriad of combinations.

Since there was a little more focus on the campaign and the single player mode, it offers a much deeper story than the competition. The DLC expands the story by 2 new chapters in which we have to explore and free the overrun city of Malmouth.

Grim Dawn - Ashes of Malmouth highlights:

  • 2 New specializations Inquisitor and Necromancer which, combined with the specializations of the main game, enable a multitude of new classes.
  • Maximum level to 100
  • Two new chapters in the story
  • 4 new factions, with quests, recipes and items
  • The new NPC: Illusionist. With it you can adapt the appearance of your equipment to your wishes.
  • Hundreds of new items with new modifications
  • 14 new constellations in the Devotion Skill System
  • New nemesis and super bosses. In addition to dozens of new types of monsters, extra tough challenges await you.
  • The fourth “rogue-like” dungeon. A random dungeon in which you only have one life and have to start over in the event of your death. Of course, they also offer special rewards upon successful completion.
  • More crate spaces!
  • Etc.

Who hasn't been in Grim Dawn The current 70% discount for the main game offers the ideal opportunity. For 7.49 € you can go relatively little wrong. This offer is valid until Friday, the DLC currently costs € 17.99. The game is available on GoG or Steam.

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