GWENT - Challenger 2 Winner and Dev Stream

GWENT finale

The weekend didn't just find the exciting GWENT Challenger 2 tournament instead, there was also a live stream with the developers. News about the features in the upcoming expansion, such as a revised Mulligan screen, were presented.

GWENT Challenger #2

The turn took place in a suitable medieval atmosphere, CD Projekt Red had chosen a complete castle as the venue to allow 8 of the best GWENT players to compete against each other.

After 2 days and some extremely exciting matches, the favored "Livecoach" had to admit defeat to "Freddybabes" in the semifinals. With a final score of 3-0 even quite clear. 3-0 was also the result of the big final in which "Freddybabes" prevailed against "kolmoen".

If you want to watch the videos, you can find them on CD Projekt Red's official Twitch channel:

Developer Stream

While preparing for the finale, the GWENT developers used the time to present the latest plans. Among them, above all, the freshly revised and clearly clearer menus.

Many improvements are based on feedback from fans, for example, the must Mulligan no longer scroll left / right to see all cards. The new overview screen shows the player the entire hand at once.

GWENT Mulligan Screen

Similar improvements will be made to the Deck builder performed. Here, the focus is also placed on a significantly higher overview, so that putting together a new deck is smoother and easier.

GWENT deck builder

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