GWENT - Challenger tournament in April against a historical backdrop

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Like the makers of GWENT announced today will change the venue of the great Challenger tournament in April. Instead of in the USA, it takes place in the well-known Polish cultural monument  "Wieliczka" instead of. Wieliczka, is a salt mine that is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

GWENT tournaments are something special

It combines centuries-old traditions with modernity, a little like GWENT. The last Challenger tournament took place in front of an extremely cool backdrop. in the Moschen Castle The best players in the world faced each other, atmospherically staged and even accompanied by actors in appropriate Witcher costumes. CD project red so comes up with something extraordinary for the esports scene. As always, the video with a small preview of the locations can be found at the beginning of this article.

The tournament will take place from April 28th to 29th and even those who don't take the trip can of course be there directly via the Twitch livestream.

You can find the official announcement below:

The next GWENT Challenger tournament is fast approaching - and we have some exciting news for players and GWENT pros alike!

The venue of the last Challenger, Moschen Castle, was an impressive place that we had transformed into a Nilfgaardian fortress at the time. We have been looking for the perfect location for the next tournament with a Mahakam setting for a long time and now we have finally found it - the April GWENT Challenger will take place from April 28th to 29th in the “Wieliczka” salt mine!

So we've changed the venue for the April tournament, which was originally supposed to be in the United States. Because we want to focus on finding the coolest places and ways to make the streaming experience of the upcoming tournaments as fun as possible. We want to offer the authentic feel of The Witcher Universe while offering exciting and unforgettable adventures in esports. We have also removed the provisional venues from the GWENT Masters schedule, but don't worry - we continue to plan to bring future GWENT tournaments to different countries including USA, China and Japan!

The “Wieliczka” Salt Mine is one of the most valuable cultural monuments in Poland and is on the UNESCO list of world cultural and natural heritage. The mine combines centuries of tradition and modernity - hundreds of years of history in an underground metropolis with extensive infrastructure. So if you enjoyed the trip to the Nilfgaardian stronghold of Moschen Castle - we would have the next GWENT highlight for our fans and viewers!

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