GWENT - End of the Mahakam season, 10 new maps and GWENT Arena


The current rankings and pro-ladder season in GWENT only lasts just under a week. At the February 28 at 10 a.m. the time has come and the February season is over. Then the rewards will be distributed and the 10 new cards announced in the Developer Stream appear in a small patch. Afterwards you will find the rewards for the February season, so hold on to the last week!


In addition to the 10 new cards, it will be available on 28.2. also give the additional game mode GWENT Arena.

GWENT Arena at a glance

  • The entrance fee per arena costs 150 ore or 1.99 €.
  • Even without a win, if you give up immediately, you get a card barrel as a reward. So you never go away empty-handed.
  • The arena ends after 9 wins or 3 losses
  • 9 victories give a guaranteed Premium Gold card along with other rewards
  • A board shows the names of your opponents defeated so far

Card selection:

  • You will have a choice of 4 cards of the same rarity.
  • Premium cards appear randomly. Whether you own the card in your normal collection has no influence on this.
  • There are no restrictions on the factions, so you can mix and match.
  • There is also no limit to the number of gold cards or duplicates
  • You choose the leader at the end of the map selection. So when you know which cards your deck contains and which leader suits it best.
  • Since the first announcement, there has been information: No silver spies in the arena.
  • In the future, arena events will be held where the rules have changed. As an example, the developers named that only cards from 2 factions are available.
  • The 10 new cards are mainly used for balance in the arena

If you want to spoil the surprise on the new cards, you can find a collection of screenshots on Imgur.

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For the future faction challenges, there should be counters in the game itself, which announce information about the number of valid games won.

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