GWENT - expansion info and faction results


The first Faction Challenge in GWENT: The Witcher Card Game is over and the Northern Kingdoms prevailed. The supporters of the Skellige fought bravely, but could not catch up with the lead.

With the victory, the followers of the Northern Kingdoms secured a copy of the Dijkstra Premium Card. Of course, the Skellige don’t go completely empty either, after all, 100 meteorite dust is credited to them.


In addition to the event, the preparations for the GWENT Challenger tournament in full swing this weekend. And the developers have the time for several Live streams used to reveal the cards for the upcoming expansion.

All previously revealed maps of the various livestreams on the Twitch channel of the developers, have been summarized by the community and can be found in this Imgur album being found.

GWENT - information on extension

The expansion for GWENT will bring 111 new cards and a number of new game and card mechanics.

  • Items - A new category of special cards
  • Duel - A unit with this ability deals damage to another and then takes damage from it. This can be repeated until one of the units dies.
  • Immune - Cannot be attacked or enhanced with spells, but mass effects affecting a whole range of effects affect the map.
  • Charm - move a unit to your side
  • Truce - Becomes active when both players pass.
  • Spawn / Create - Choose one of 3 cards you want to play.

The new cards can be found in the standard barrels, so there will be no special expansion barrels.

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