GWENT - First Homecoming Patch with new boards, premium cards and more

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GWENT patch

The developers of GWENT are working on a complete overhaul of the game, Homecoming called. We reported about it yesterdayhow extensively the team at CD Projekt Red thinks about changes. A first step has already been taken today in the form of the latest update.

As announced, the designers take care of all known problems and errors first. Especially on the Xbox Version there were issues that blocked progress for some players.

But there were not only bug fixes in today's update, but also a new one arena Mode. In the "mimicry“In this mode, you don't create your deck, you create your opponent's. This mode is available until April 24th.

There are also new board designs and over 30 additional premium cards.

You can find the complete German patch notes below.

GWENT patch

Full list of changes:
*New function:*

  • Second arena mode added!
  • New board designs!
  • 30+ premium cards added!

* Game fixes *

  • Fixed a bug that blocked turn progress on Xbox One.
  • Fixed an issue where users would enter Arena Matchmaking after selecting Free Play or Ranked mode.
  • Fixed the titles that were displayed in the end-of-season rewards for the top 10,000.
  • The sword animation of the premium card Geralt: Yrden has been corrected.
  • Fixed a bug that caused An Craite Raider's ability to trigger when consumed from the deck or hand.
  • Fixed a bug where Stefan Skellen would not upgrade Geralt: Professional after moving it to the top of the deck.
  • Several bugs with the summoning circle have been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused cards to get stuck after their abilities were canceled.
  • A notice has been added indicating that real money translation for mirror shards requires the GOG Galaxy overlay.
  • Fixed an issue where the preview of premium cards that are not owned by the player would show the transmute button.
  • Fixed a bug where Cerys an Craites counter would only trigger once if the card was discarded by Bran Tuirseach before two other units were instantly resurrected.
  • The card drawing algorithms have been improved so that cards that have already been shuffled back into the deck are less likely to be drawn again.
  • Fixed a bug where Geralt: Professional could be played on the opposing side of the battlefield.
  • Various tooltips have been adapted and improved.
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