GWENT - Hotfix November 6th

GWENT hotfix

The developers of GWENT: The Witcher Card Game today released a hotfix that addressed some player-reported issues.

The card was also Restore changed. Thus grinding this card gives the full value of scraps and meteorite powder for the next 3 days. And thus corresponds to the value that the production of the card cost.

To the currently running event Saovine: The Feast of the Dead, is not affected by the changes. The event runs until November 21st and gives the opportunity to try your hand at challenges and earn rewards such as an exclusive portrait or frame. We also have a guide for you to make solving the puzzles easier.

GWENT Hotfix - Patch Notes in German

New hotfix for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game is now available on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

With this update, we are focusing on the major issues that have been reported to us by players, as well as balance changes to the gameplay.

Restore has been heavily reworked and gets increased values for grinding for 3 days after the hotfix was released. When ground up, it generates so much scraps and meteorite powder that equates to the value it takes to make this card.

The full list of changes here:


Restore now sets the base strength to 8 instead of 10.
Light Longship will now reset to 5 strength instead of 6.
Wilmar's Vengeance ability now triggers correctly on destruction abilities.
Moving Wilmar to the graveyard no longer affects newly drawn cards to block the player's view of their hand.


Fix for Harpye's ability that sometimes did not trigger correctly.

Game fixes
Some adjustments to the tooltips in all languages.
Corrected display of low resolution maps.

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