GWENT Midwinter Update & PTR

GWENT developer stream

Even in the run-up to Christmas, the GWENT developers at CD Projekt Red don't take a break and have to test the Midwinter updates put a public test server online.

GWENT - Midwinter update with 111 new maps

The upcoming midwinter update for GWENT is quite extensive, over 110 new cards, revised menus and much more. Among other things, the deck builder and the card collection will be merged so that it is now much easier to build decks and, if necessary, produce missing cards. There are also improvements in the game itself, such as the new one Mulligan Screenwhere you previously had to scroll right-left to see all cards, there will now be an improved overview that shows all cards at once.

After the Challenger tournament #2 on the weekend there was also another stream with the developers in which they presented the changes. You can find this at the beginning of the article.

To test all features of the patch there is now the Public Test Realm - public test server, but only for PC and so far only in English. If you want to take a look, you will find the developer's instructions for PTR access below:


“GWENT: The Witcher Card Game started! The purpose of the PTR server is to introduce players to new mechanics and let them try out new features that will be introduced in the Midwinter Update. The community is the key to a successful PTR. If you see errors, please report them to our technical support!

Remember that the capacity of the PTR is limited. If it doesn't work the first time, try again later. Upon entering the server, you will be given a full set of cards and your level will be set to 1.

The PTR only works on the PC. In order to be able to enter the test area, you have to be logged into the GOG Galaxy software, click on "MORE" (next to the PLAY button) and there you select "Settings". Switch the beta channels to "on" and then select "PTR channel". You can start playing immediately after downloading the new build.

We really want to hear your feedback. Let us know your ideas and reviews! Be aware that there may be some localization / translation errors - these are work-in-progress builds that you are testing, after all. Have fun testing it, and thanks for helping make the game better !!

ps .: The PTR can currently only be played in the English language. "

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