GWENT - New Livestreamer Overview and Twitch Drops


On the occasion of the new live stream section on the official GWENT homepage, the developers have also revised the guide for receiving Twitch Drops.

GWENT + Twitch Drops

Twitch Drops is available for watching GWENT streams on Twitch if the Twitch and GWENT accounts are linked. Every 30 minutes you have the chance to get 50 meteorite powder or 3 card barrels. So if you regularly watch the tournament or player streams anyway, you can secure a small bonus. Who has never been up Twitch war might find a reason to look around there and study top players at ranked games or to follow the tournament scene. In addition to the overview on the CD Projekt Red page, you can of course also take a look at Twitch:


Since neither Twitch registration nor watching the thousands of streams for all kinds of games costs anything, you can almost only win here. Who else has one Amazon Prime Account owns, even receives a free subscription every month with which he can support his favorite streamer.

On the official GWENT homepage there are detailed instructions on how to link the accounts and make sure that you can receive the rewards. Some of the rewards are unique; others, such as spectator rewards, can be received repeatedly.


You can find the official news below:

Check out GWENT on!

Make sure you link your to your Twitch account to earn Twitch Drops! Thanks to Twitch Drops, you can win rewards in-game while watching your favorite GWENT streamers - every 30 minutes you have the chance:

  • 50 meteorite powder, or
  • Get 3 card barrels!

If you want to learn more about Twitch Drops and how you can earn them, then check out this article on on, or go to

And if you're not sure which channels to watch - don't worry, we've got everything under control. Check out our revised PlayGwentWebsite, check out the brand new section we've dedicated GWENT Livestreams and discover new streams every time you visit - Featured Streams change every time you refresh the page!

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