GWENT - New patch with arena and end of the Mahakam season


The GWENT Patch brings next to that new arena game mode, also the end of the Mahakam season on 28.2. and the start of the bear season in March.

There are also new maps and a lot of bug fixes. You can find the complete patch notes below:

GWENT - Patch from 02/28

A new update for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game is now available on PC, Xbox One and PS4

With this update we're introducing 10 new gold cards and a brand new game mode - Arena. We also worked on some improvements to the tooltips and bug fixes. Most noticeable are the changes made by the Impera Enforcer, which did not work as planned. If you played the double emissary in Impera Enforcer, they would strike retrospectively for the two emissaries played, which we have considered a mistake. That was addressed in this update - you should now have an Enforcer on the board, and any spy you play after playing an Enforcer will trigger their ability.

To learn more about the arena, just follow simple this link.

New game mode: Arena

New card added: Geralt: Professional
New card added: Triss: Telekinesis
New card added: Larkspur: Poet
New card added: Larkspur: Show off
New card added: Ihuarraquax

New card added: Imlerith: Sabbath

New card added: Cerys: Fearless

New card added: Roche: Merciless

New card added: Morenn: Forest Daughter

New card added: Yennefer: Necromancer


Fixed a bug where Impera Enforcers would deal damage more than once when paired with Emissary.
Fixed a bug that prevented the strength of summoned and transformed units from being displayed.
Fixed a bug that caused the Kaedweni Revenant ability to trigger on the side of the player who muzzled the unit.
Fixed a bug that improved Derran when Ronvid the Stubborn was first resurrected.
It should no longer be possible to take back an upgraded unit with base strength 0.
The graphics and sound effects for Monster Nest have been revised.
An additional information pop-up window now indicates that the GOG Galaxy overlay is required for the purchase of the starter kit.
Dawn has been added to the player's hand in the Alliance of the Ancient Peoples challenge.
Fixed a bug where Cerys an Craite would only trigger once if the unit was discarded by Bran Tuirseach and the second and third discarded units were resurrected immediately upon entering the cemetery.
Various tooltips have been adapted and improved.

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