GWENT Open 3 on the weekend with Twitch Drops


The 3rd GWENT Open will take place this weekend, in which the 8 qualified players will compete against each other for 25,000 US dollars in prize money.

It's also about Crownpoints and the chance to qualify for that Challenger tournament in April.

GWENT Open #3 with 2 German participants

The 8 participants are:

  1. Adzikov - Poland
  2. Kolemoen - Germany
  3. OMhanachann - China
  4. GameKingAT - Austria
  5. eiSloth - Belarus
  6. Shaggy - Austria
  7. Cmel - Russia
  8. Superjj102 - Germany

The games will be broadcast on Saturday and Sunday at 4 p.m. and will be broadcast on CD Projekt Red's Twitch and YouTube channels.

"The GWENT Open #3 livestream is accompanied by our great casting crew: Merchant, McBeard, MegaMogwai and ImpetuousPanda. Thanks to Twitch drops, you can secure special rewards while watching the tournament live follows. This also includes a guaranteed card barrel! All details here. "

The mentioned Twitch drops you get when you connect your Twitch and GWENT accounts and tune into the streams at the weekend. Make sure you are logged into Twitch while watching. For the chance of the items, it does not matter whether you are actively involved, you can also let the stream run on the side and do the shopping, etc. while doing so.

The corresponding, detailed instructions for connecting the accounts can be found on the official GWENT homepage.

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