GWENT - Ranking lists at the end of the season postponed at short notice


The developers of GWENT: The Witcher Card Game determined to postpone the end of the ranking season that was planned for 12 noon today.

The new end of the season is now planned for January 10th at 12 noon. The following season starts one day later on January 11th. The developers want further explanations and details via Twitter deliver later.

The reasons for the postponement have so far only been briefly known problems, which have been reported in particular by well-known top players. To address this, there should be a small patch before the new season starts. Hopefully this will fix the biggest bugs and bugs.

Of course, the decision to postpone not only met with positive feedback, part of the community is angry because they played ranked matches almost non-stop in preparation for the end of the season in order to maintain a good position.

GWENT has been criticized since the midwinter update

GWENT has been just before Christmas since the midwinter update was released, a little under criticism. The update caused some bugs and also problems with balancing. Due to the winter break, these continued to this day and could not yet be remedied. Accordingly, a lot of posts with criticism have appeared in the community and on social media platforms such as Reddit.

One of the well-known German streamer and top player SuperJJ, drew the conclusions from it today and will not continue streaming GWENT until the problems have been resolved. This one Twitch clip by superJJ102.

Now it is up to CD Projekt Red to correct the problems quickly. Since the ranking lists and pro ladder seasons are used to qualify in the GWENT Esports tournament structure belong, such problems also have indirect effects up to the World Cup.

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