GWENT - Results of the Second Faction Challenge

GWENT faction challenge

The exit of the 2nd GWENT is now ready Faction Challenge firmly and despite early illusion, the result was tighter than expected. Who won a landslide for Nilfgaard expected, was right with the victory, but the monster faction was able to post 41% victories. Monster 41%: Nilfgaard 59% is accordingly the final score.

GWENT faction results

GWENT - Who calls for Scoia'tael?

"Unfortunately" there were no problems with the this time Distribution of the rewards like after the first event. This gave players double the reward back then. This time everything went normally, the participants for the victorious faction received their avatar frames and the losers were also able to secure their frame.

Thanks to the modified rules, supporters of the Sieges faction reached 1 victory to qualify for the Avatar Framework. For the fighters of the losing faction, however, 30 victories were necessary for their faction.

When the next faction challenge starts and which armies will face each other is not yet known. After Northern Kingdoms against Skellige in the first and Nilfgaard against monster in the second challenge, only stands Scoia'tael on the list. Maybe Scoia'tael can compete against the winners of the previous challenges, so in the end it could be clarified once and for all who the strongest faction is. At least for this round, we are sure of the popularity of the previous events, there will also be more exciting fights here.

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