GWENT - Thronebreaker becomes an independent game

GWENT - Throne sneakers

The single player campaign by GWENT: The Witcher Cardgame will appear as a standalone game according to the latest information.

That comes from a report from pcgamesn. So far the Thronebreaker called Single player campaign for Queen Meve, appear as part of the GWENT online card game. In the course of development, however, it became an independent role-playing game. GWENT is omitted from the title, but the fights are still decided as card matches. There is also an almost 30 hour campaign with role play elements.

Throneebeakers as an independent game

This is where the new game is directed Thronebreaker: The Witchers Tale both GWENT fans and fans of the epic The Witcher 3. According to developer CD Projekt Red, Thronebreaker goes far beyond what you would expect in a multiplay online game like GWENT and thus justifies the decision to publish it as a standalone game. Especially in terms of the background story, Witcher fans should be able to look forward to a lot of new details.

If you consider that Queen Meve in the novels the character was Geralt too Geralt of Rivia has hit, there should be enough stories to be retold.

What price will be set for Thronebreaker is not yet known. The question of how to get and collect the cards is still unanswered. After all, the system is now separated from the main game and the methods available there to buy card packages.

The only thing known about the possible release date is that it, together with the great GWENT Update & revision Homecoming should appear. However, no date is known for this either, individual rumors spoke of October 2018, but after that it became relatively quiet.

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