H1Z1 - Play for free for one week


Play a whole week for free, that offers H1Z1 for all players just before Christmas. From December 14th to December 21st you can join your friends in the Battle Royale matches fall.

You can download H1Z1 for free via Steam and get started right away. Simply on the Steam Page Select Start Game and the installation will begin.

H1Z1 - Mini FAQ

We have translated a small English FAQ from the developers for you:

Are there any restrictions on who I can play with?

No, you can play with all of your friends, regardless of whether they already own the game or use the Free Week as well.

If I buy the game will my progress be retained?

Yes, everything that you earned in the free week is still available after purchasing the game. Fittingly, the game is currently also available on Steam with a 75% discount.

What content is available?

The entire game is accessible, whether solo, duo, teams, etc. everything can be tried out and played to your heart's content.

The little video from the developers with an overview of what the H1Z1 we have added for you at the beginning of the article. H1Z1 was after the AMA Mod DayZ, one of the first standalone zombie survivor games that has since focused on a battle royale mode. The zombies and the struggle for survival are found in the disconnected Just survive Game.

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