Hearthstone - 3 Free Card Packs

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Given away as compensation for the problems with the daily quests Blizzard 3 free packs of the latest Hearthstone expansion Kobolds & Catacombs.

Anyone who has been annoyed about quests that are not up-to-date or about a 30-minute wait until the new quests appear since the publication can be pleased. To compensate for the relatively minor problems, because the quests were not lost despite the bug, there are now 3 free packs.

You can get this via the gift function of the Battlenet Launcher. Just click on the small gifts / boxes icon to the right of your name. There you can then redeem the free Hearthstone packs. Mobile users, on the other hand, have to go to their Blizzard account page.

Then just in Hearthstone log in, open the packages as usual and look forward to new hopefully legendary cards.

Hearthstone - The new treasure hunts overloaded the server

The reason for the problems is the immense number Treasure hunts called that took place and are still taking place. The new feature introduced with Hearthstone: Kobolds & Catacombs is extremely popular. Due to the random opponents and the overly powerful bonuses that you can collect, you have the chance to create pretty unusual combinations that are impossible in "normal" games.

If you are still looking for a successful deck for the new ranking season with the new cards, you will surely find it in our small guide collection.

Warlock "Cube" - Guide

“Big Spell” magician guide

Murloc Paladin - Guide

Tempo Priest (Spiteful Priest) Guide

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