Hearthstone - Grandpa Goblin's 3 free packs


Also in Hearthstone Blizzard is celebrating Christmas with us, there are 3 card packs to be won between December 20 and 24 in the chaos of cards.

Grandfather Kobold leaves three card packages depending on the season Knight of the Frozen Throne Jump extension for us. This must be achieved in a special gift of card chaos.

The game board will be decorated accordingly and the emotes will be adapted to the festival, so definitely wish your opponent a "Happy Winter Veil!"

On the battlefield there are also 4 gifts on each side, when you unwrap (destroy) a present, you get a legendary servant. As a bonus, its mana cost is also reduced by 3. The constant supply of gifts ensures more and more fun.

The Kobold Winter Veil Festival runs from December 20 to December 24, 2017.

Hearthstone - Webcomic Up Comes Down

To shorten the waiting time, Blizzard released one Webcomic that goes with goblins & catacombs and shows life underground.

“Accompany Buddelwutz and Patsch in their attempt to survive a day in the life of a goblin. They are not the brightest candles in the catacombs, but do our strange protagonists still compete against the inviolable goblin king, greedy little monsters and a disturbing adventurer? "

You can download the comic written by Mark Evanier at: https://comic.playhearthstone.com/en-us/up-comes-down

The adventure was drawn by Manuel García and Sandra Molina.

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