Hearthstone - Era of the Dragon Priests?


The coming Hearthstone Extension Kobolds & Catacombs brings not only the treasure hunt mode, but of course also 138 new maps. Among the many strong and interesting cards, one falls out a little. There is already heated discussion on the forums whether this will usher in the era of the all-ruling dragon priests.

The twilight breaker

Hearthstone Twilight Breaker

What doesn't seem so strong at first glance is a board clear for 4 mana, which also has to meet a condition, a second dragon. Similar to Hellfire from the Warlock, it deals 3 damage to all creatures. But also bring another one 3/3 servants onto the board, while Hellfire leaves the witcher without a servant.

This removes one of the greatest weaknesses of priests and is sure to create a flood of dragon priest decks.

Hearthstone - priests get help against aggro

So far were Dragon priest relatively weak against fast aggro decks. Most of the time, you had to wait for turn 6 and the dragon fire potion, which was useless against other dragon decks. Soul suction did bring some remedy, but mostly could not change the luck decisively.

Meanwhile switched Madness Potion and Shadow word: pain only single goals. So the priest could seldom compete against aggro decks with many servants. The Twilight Breaker closes this gap and can even be played with the coin in turn 3. Since you also play a 3/3 servant, he can usually eliminate the opponent's next servant in the next round. Thus, the Twilight Breaker brings extreme efficiency with it.

As long as not all cards are known, this is a bit speculative, but one can assume that dragon priests will come back into fashion.

Hearthstone: Kobolds & Catacombs comes out in December and brings 138 new maps, the treasure hunt mode and new skills. The pre-order package with the exclusive Card back is already available, you can open the packages, but only when the expansion is released.

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