Hearthstone - Changes to Servant Types

Hearthstone - Witch Forest

As the Hearthstone Team announced today that several servants will be changed in one of the next patches. It is mainly about servants who have not previously belonged to any creature type such as wild animal, murloc or similar.

Hearthstone - Elemental, Murloc or even a Mech?

With some of the classic set servants you have always wondered why aren't they XXX? The two giants are a good example Molten giant and Mountain giant. The giants known from World of Warcraft are clearly assigned to the elementary class.

Hearthstone - Molten Giant
Source: Blizzard

In Hearthstone you will only receive the elementary assignment now or with one of the upcoming updates.

Hearthstone image of the mountain giant
Source: Blizzard


Other lonely servants who can look forward to a new family are, on the one hand, the nymph of the witch forest. As Satyr it has clearly demonic roots and thus also receives the demon creature type in Hearthstone.

Hearthstone - Nymph of the Witch Forest
Source: Blizzard

Release the Kraken !!!

Don't panic, but maybe the northern sea octopus will be considered Wild animal get a little more playtime. As a horror of the deep, the monster trout clearly belongs to the wild animals.

Hearthstone - Northern Sea Octopus
Source: Blizzard

Hopefully all these changes will lead to the corresponding cards being played a little more again. Especially since elementary decks are pretty fashionable right now.

On the other hand, the poor jungle Mondkin loses its affiliation with the wild animals.

Even if you argue about their intelligence, the moonkin also grants its bonus to the opponent, as it belongs more to the humanoids than to the animals.

Hearthstone - Jungle Moonkin
Source: Blizzard

At the Witch forest grizzly and the Lichweed the Hearthstone team was discussing it itself, but is leaving everything as it is for the time being. The interaction with the death stalker Rexxar is a welcome effect, especially with the Lichköter.

In contrast to serious balance changes, these adjustments are made none full of dust when disassembling the affected cards. Because in the opinion of the developers, small changes such as name, pictures or servant type have no significant influence on the Strength a card.

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