Hearthstone - Horror Toot animation and battle cry changes

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Hearthstone - Witch Forest

The Shudderwock or Grauselhurz Deck that has been around since Hearthstone Extension Witch forest caused a stir, will soon see changes. As Blizzard announced in a forum post, adjustments to the animation speed are planned, as well as a maximum number of battle screams.

Hearthstone Guide - The Horror Toot

Here is the message from Jesse Hill, Community Manager:

“Recently, our players have had feedback regarding the Shaman card, Shudderwock. We understand that the length of its Battlecry animation and other animations spawned from its Battlecry can be frustrating.

In a future update, we will be doubling the animation speed of Shudderwock's Battlecry so it will lessen the impact on the overall pacing of your current Hearthstone match. In addition, the amount of Battlecries Shudderwock can reproduce will be capped at 20.

We will also be speeding up the animation of Lifedrinker for similar reasons.

Thank you for your feedback, and we'll see you in the Tavern.

 Cheers! "

Hearthstone - Horror Toot Shaman Deck

For the fun and innovative Horror lob shaman deck to have we delivered a guide in the first days of the expansion. The deck is incredibly popular and relies on multiple battle cries to survive until the combo is drawn. Including life statements, damage to the opposing servants, doubling of the battle cries and especially "send your other servants back to hand".

This created a Endless combo, because after the first play you usually had several horror throats on hand that only cost 1 mana and could then be played several times on the next move to generate even more.

The opponent was more or less helpless at this point and could only watch as the cries of battle were repeated endlessly for 5-10 minutes.

Combinations like this have often been found in Hearthstone Eg priests or magicians who allowed a kill on the opponent in one round and without resistance. Normally it took 2 minutes until the Antonidas Magician has carried you to the afterlife with unlimited fireballs. With the Shudderwock, however, it sometimes took a long time. With that the deck disrupted the flow of the game more. A one-turn-kill deck is not a problem in itself, because such combo decks are very susceptible to aggro decks and often lose before they can draw all the necessary cards.

The Hearthstone team Of course, got a lot of feedback on this topic and has now responded with the following changes, which will come in one of the next patches:

  • The speed of the animations is doubled for the horror loot battle cry.
  • Furthermore, Horrorhurz repeats a maximum of 20 battle cries.
  • Part of the combo, the life sucker, also gets an accelerated animation.

No nerf of the deck

Whoever got the horror fluff off our deck Guide like, he can breathe easy, the number of battle cries is normally below 20.

Grud der Weltrüttler, 2x life suckers, 2x Saronitz forced laborers, 2x sand binders, 2x harbinger of the pillar of fire, 2x shower elemental, 2x Brrrloc, 2x primeval dragon 15.

In case of doubt, the primeval dragon or Brrrloc can be exchanged without any problems.

The changes should be useful for both sides and make the games a bit shorter. Good luck in the leaderboard.

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