Hearthstone - Free card pack and new features


On the occasion of the release of the new Battle.net app features such as social tab and "offline ads", Blizzard is donating a free pack Hearthstone Cards.

Hearthstone - Free Maps and Arena Access

In addition to the social tab, the Blizzard Battle.net app also has a gift function. You can use this to buy your friends in-game gifts for their birthday in the future. To do this, simply select the gift option in the shop. To "test" this feature, Blizzard is giving each player the card pack mentioned above. This can be picked up by December 31, 2017.

But new heroes, welcome packs or the pre-sale packs can also be given away before an expansion.

The social tab also offers the new chat, groups, lounges and avatars. A detailed overview with all new features is available on the official Blizzard homepage.

The holy nights begin

In addition, the big one begins today Hallow's Night Event in Hearthstone. There is a special arena mode for 2 weeks in which you can mix 2 classes. First you choose a class and then any hero ability. Afterwards you get a mixture of both classes plus neutral cards from which you can choose.

So that everyone can try this fun out, Blizzard is giving away one each this week and next Free access to the arena.

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