Hearthstone - Kobolds and Catacombs Livestream


So far only some cards are new Hearthstone Extension Kobolds & Catacombs known. But that will change now, with the live stream on November 20, Blizzard heralds the card revelations.

The whole thing is presented by Hearthstone Game Designer Peter Whalen and the famous streamer Brian Kibler. The event will be broadcast on Twitch or Facebook and of course the VoDs can be found on YouTube after the stream.

If you prefer to watch a German-language stream, we can help. On the C4mlann Stream gives the official second broadcast in German.

Hearthstone - Kobolds & Catacombs

Kobolds & Catacombs is the new expansion introduced by Blizzard at this year's BlizzCon was announced. We can look forward to the new 138 tickets in December and advance sales are already open. As with every Hearthstone expansion, you can pre-order 60 card packs and an exclusive card back at a lower price.

Technically, there is the new solo mode treasure hunts, which can be played multiple times and come free with the update. There are several challenges in a row with a prefabricated deck. This deck can be improved after every battle you win and you have 3 cards to choose from.

There are new cards Weapons for all 9 classes with special skills. And the new servant property: Recruit.

By recruiting, minions are summoned onto the battlefield directly from your deck. There can be certain criteria, for example only creatures with a certain strength or that cost less than 3 mana.

More information about the Hearthstone You can find out about expansion in our BlizzCon articles Goblins & catacombs find.

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