Hearthstone Guide - Imps & Catacombs - Big Spell Magician

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Hearthstone Guide Jaina Goblins and Catacombs

In addition to Tempo and Elemental Mage Decks, the release of Hearthstone: Kobolds & Catacombs the "Big Spell" magician established. The "Big Spell" (great magic) magician, that of Profspieler Brian Kibler was created, focuses on spells that are as expensive as possible. These will be used as fuel for the new cards like Wrath of the dragon or Malicious Summoner utilized. This guide introduces you to a variant of the "Big Spell" magician with the new cards.

Hearthstone - Wrath of the Dragon

Hearthstone Guide - Kobolds & Catacombs - The Big Spell Mage

The cheapest spell in the deck transformation, costs 4 mana, all others cost more and are therefore a relatively safe way of sweeping the field with Wrath of the Dragon.

To survive in the early game the 2 tar creepers & doom heralds serve, in the later course you generate armor with the arcane constructors. This means that a burst of flames becomes 7 points of armor.

The relatively expensive spells ensure that your Arkantyrann is free and is particularly useful after a wrath of the dragon. Dragoncaller Alanna takes care of several 5/5 dragons, depending on how many spells you have already used.

As you can see, the complete deck delivers with many small combinations for an extremely high amount of "card value". An Atiesh generated by Medivh the Guardian, created together with Portal: Firelands, 2 servants while you still do 5 damage to the enemy.

Mulligan - starting hand selection

Raven Confidante, Cabal Courier are cheap servants while still providing access toHearthstone - raven confidante your spells. The arcane constructors, on the other hand, are more useful later when you have the mana to cast an expensive spell. The tar crawlers are particularly useful against aggressive decks.

Card alternatives:

Unfortunately, due to the matching effects of many cards, swapping is a bit difficult. Only Pyros is not necessary 100%, but works well with Frostlich Jainer. A deck variant could, for example, replace pyros or a transformation with pyro strike. If you want to be on the safe side with spells, you can replace the two transformations with pyrostrike or flame impact. This guarantees more AoE damage with Wrath of the Dragon.

Deck list:

2x Arcane constructor Hearthstone

1x Pyros Hearthstone

2x Raven confidante Hearthstone

2x Herald of doom Hearthstone

2x Acolyte of Pain Hearthstone

2x Cabal courier Hearthstone

2x Tar creeper Hearthstone

2x transformation Hearthstone

2x Arkantyrant Hearthstone

2x Wrath of the dragon Hearthstone

2x Blizzard Hearthstone

2x Malicious Summoner Hearthstone

1x meteor Hearthstone

1x Flame burst Hearthstone

2x Portal: Firelands Hearthstone

1x Medivh the Guardian Hearthstone

1x Dragoncaller Alanna Hearthstone

1x Frosty Jaina Hearthstone

Decklist for direct import into the Hearthstone client:

Just copy it and go to Collection -> Create new deck with the code in the clipboard:

AAECAf0EBuwHobcCysEClscCm9MCo + sCDE2KAckD + wyjtgKwvALKwwLb0wLV4QLX4QKW5ALX6wIA

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