Hearthstone Guide - Imps & Catacombs - Tempo Priest Guide

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Hearthstone Guide - Anduin

As expected, he is enjoying himself priest since the Hearthstone Extension Kobolds & Catacombs great popularity. thanks to Twilight Breaker one of the largest gaps in the priest's arsenal to date was also filled. Thus, priest players not only have a good endgame, but also have the necessary resources to deal with aggressive decks.

Hearthstone Guide - The Tempo Priest With The Answer To Almost Everything

The deck we present in this Hearthstone Guide was used in this form by professional player Xixo to win the Seatstory Cup VIII shortly before Christmas. The unusual thing about it is the renunciation of cheap spells like shadow word: death and pain or power word: shield and similar cards. This makes the 2 malicious summoners in the deck extremely strong, as they automatically summon an 8 or 10 mana servant.

Hearthstone - Grand ArchivistHearthstone - Vicious Summoner











The archivist uses the same synergy effect and only has “Trapped in Amber” or “Mind Control” to choose from.

The Catacomb Crawler quickly evolved into a card that is used in many decks. The bone steed can be used in combination to make a super strong servant, or it can be used on other servants such as fairy dragons. A 7/6 fairy dragon with mockery that cannot be got out of the way with spells is quite useful.

So this Priest Tempo Deck can win in several ways and has a ton of little combinations that are tough.

Mulligan - starting hand selection

Always keep: Northshire Cleric, Fae Dragon, and Nethergrave Historian. Against aggro decks, it is recommended to keep Twilight Breakers, Catacomb Crawlers and Tar Crawlers.

Card alternatives:

Since the release of Kobolds & Catacombs a lot of decks with weapons on the go can be one Gluttonous mud not hurt. Shadow ascendant, golakka crawler or mind controller can be substituted for the fairy dragon in order to react to the opponents.

Deck list:

2x Northshire cleric Hearthstone

2x {tooltip}Fairy dragon{end-text}Fairy Dragon - Hearthstone Guide{end-tooltip}

2x Nethergroll historian Nethergroll historian

2x Cabal Talon Priest Hearthstone

2x Strange luminous root Hearthstone

2x Tar creeper Hearthstone

1x Spell breaker Spell breaker

2x Twilight Breaker Hearthstone

1x Twilight Dragon Twilight Dragon

2x Draconid agent Hearthstone

2x Cobalt blue nightscale Hearthstone

2x Malicious Summoner Hearthstone

1x Catacomb Crawler Hearthstone

2x Bone horse Hearthstone

1x Archivist Hearthstone

1x Trapped in amber Hearthstone

1x Mind control Mind control

Decklist for direct import into the Hearthstone client:

Just copy it and go to Collection -> Create new deck with the code in the clipboard:


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