Hearthstone Guide - Imps & Catacombs - Warlock Guide

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Hearthstone - Goblins & Catacombs Magician Guide

This Hearthstone guide revolves around the popular Hearthstone Warlock Combo deck, which was recently used by professional player Thjis in the Seatstory Cup was played.

Hearthstone Warlock Guide - "Dice Deck"

The deck is about the battle cry and death rattle effect of the new card Hearthstone Warlocks Guide - Carnivorous Cube "Carnivorous Cube" to exploit. It destroys a servant when it appears, but summons 2 copies of the servant if it dies itself. If you use the die on cards with strong death rattle effects like one "Void Prince" or a generally strong servant like that "Doom Guard", you can crush your opponent.

The optimal card combination would therefore be Dark Pact, Skull of the Man'ari, Doomguard, Ghost Singer Umbra and Carnivorous Cube.

With the Skull of the Man'ari the Doom Guard comes onto the field without having to sacrifice cards. This is followed by the ghost singer Umbra to trigger the death rattle effect of Carnivorous Cube directly. At this point there are the first two Doom Guards, with a Dark Pact on the cube, the next 2 Doom Guards appear. Ideally, this is 25 points of damage to the enemy. If this is not enough, Blood Reaver Gul'dan will resuscitate the Doom Guards.

The nice thing about the combo is that even parts like damnation guard + dice are extremely strong, even if you can't play the complete 5 card combination.

Mulligan - starting hand selection

Goblin Librarian, Armored Beetle, Mixture Master, Desecrate, and Hellfire are the means of choice for surviving the early game and drawing the cards for the combo.

Card alternatives:

One of the cards that can be easily exchanged in the Hearthstone Guide is Blood Mage Thalnos. Either a Tainted Zealot for magic damage or a prey hamster for drawing cards is available for this.

Deck list:

2x Dark pact Hearthstone

2x Leprechaun Librarian Hearthstone

2x Master of the mixtures Hearthstone

2x Worldly fears Hearthstone

1x Blood mage Thalnos Hearthstone

2x Desecrate Hearthstone

2x Armored beetle Hearthstone

1x Ghost singer Umbra Hearthstone

2x Minor magic amethyst Hearthstone

2x Hellfire Hearthstone

2x Obsessed lackey Hearthstone

2x Carnivorous cube Hearthstone

1x Skull of the Man'ari Hearthstone

2x Doomguard Hearthstone

1x Soul withdrawal Hearthstone

1x Swirling Nether Hearthstone

2x Void Lord Hearthstone

1x Blood Reaver Gul'dan Hearthstone

Decklist for direct import into the Hearthstone client:

Just copy it and go to Collection -> Create new deck with the code in the clipboard:


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