Hearthstone Guide - Witch forest creepy-catcher shaman

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Hearthstone Guide - Creepy Spooky Shaman

The Hearthstone Witch forest Expansion is barely a day old and an ingenious deck has already made a name for itself: The horror lob shaman! We'll deliver you the Hearthstone Guide directly.

May sound weird, but it's fun. The deck revolves around the new Shaman Legendary The horror lobster, this repeats all battle cries that you have played so far.

Hearthstone Guide to the Horror Toot Shaman

The following cards are particularly important:

Hearthstone Guide - Suckers of Life

Hearthstone Guide - Saronitz Forced Laborers


Hearthstone Guide - Wrath of the World Shakers

 The combo

Hearthstone Guide - The Horror TootThe idea is that your Horror lobster the battle cry of Resentment repeats itself and thus sends itself back to your hand. Its cost is reduced to 1 mana and the whole thing can theoretically be repeated endlessly. The damage to your opponent is done by the life suckers battle cries, these are from the Random target selection not affected by the horror lump effect.

Effervescent elemental and Harbinger of the Pillar of Fire are the second combo in the deck. The latter allows you to play the elemental shower transmitter together with Horrorhurz.

The rest of the cards in the deck ensure your survival and draw cards so that you have all the combo cards together as quickly as possible.

Thunderstorm, volcano and primeval dragon ensure that the playing field is kept empty of the opponent's servants. Healing rain is powerful healing for yourself. Hex helps against Cube locks, so sorcerer with the Carnivorous dice combo who is also very strong in the Hexenwald Meta.

So Step 1: Suckers of life, resentment of the world shakers, playing Saronitz forced laborers so that their cries are "active".

step 2: Play Harbinger of the Pillar of Fire with a fiery elemental in hand and reduce its cost to 1.

step 3: Effervescent elemental and then The horror lobster play costs a total of 10 mana and from then on the game is practically won. All of the repeated battle cries heal you, cause damage, and send you new ones Horror dog on the hand. In the next round at the latest you win by getting a 2+ Horror dog for each 1 mana plays if necessary Effervescent elemental reinforced.

Step 4: Lean back and watch the animation -> Victory!

Mulligan - starting hand selection

Doomsday heralds, thunderstorms (against aggro decks like Paladin / Hunter), acolyte of pain and mana flood totem for drawing cards are good starters. Primarily it is simply a matter of survival with this deck until the combo "kicks in".

Card alternatives:

Brrrloc is for example a card that can be changed to make your deck stronger against other ranked decks. If effects like silence are necessary. Blood mage Thalnos can be used as a cheap variant by a Prey hamsterers be replaced. If you need more healing, present yourself Fungus EnchanterHearthstone at.

Deck list:

1x Blood mage ThalnosHearthstone

2x Effervescent elementalHearthstone

2x BrrrlocHearthstone

2x Herald of doomHearthstone

1x Harbinger of the Pillar of FireHearthstone

1x Acolyte of PainHearthstone

2x ThunderstormHearthstone

2x Healing rainHearthstone

2x Mana Flood TotemHearthstone

1x Wild spiritHearthstone

2x Life suckersHearthstone

2x Sand binderHearthstone

2x Saronitz forced laborerHearthstone

2x HexHearthstone

2x volcanoHearthstone

1x Resentment of the world shakersHearthstone

2x Primeval dragonHearthstone

1x The horror lobsterHearthstone

Decklist for direct import into the Hearthstone client:

Just copy it and go to Collection -> Create new deck with the code in the clipboard:

AAECAfe5AgbuAe0F + wyTwQKr5wLv9wIMigGBBPUE / gXHwQLJxwKbywK2zQLz5wLg6gKe8ALv8QIA

If you liked this Hearthstone Guide and found it helpful, please give it a Like Facebook for this. Thank you very much and we wish you all the best. You can find more Hearthstone guides on ours Topic Page.

Anyone wondering about the comment on the horror card:

Hearthstone Hape Kerkeling Hurz!

This classic by Hape Kerkeling on YouTube is recommended to them.


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