Hearthstone - New Dr. Bumms secret laboratory cards


Has a little video Hearthstone Designer Peter Whalen some new Dr. Bumm's secret laboratory cards presented. Especially the new legendary card Wurbelfitz the Miraculous brings something completely fresh.


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Because Wurbelfitz will exchange your deck for one of 18 "Wurbelfitz 'wondrous decks":

Hearthstone Wurbelfitz
Source: Blizzard

In the video, Peter Whalen also explains the background to the creation of Dr. Bumm's secret laboratory and what ideas the team came up with.

Hearthstone - Flubbidinius Flurp
Source: Blizzard
Hearthstone - collision accelerator
Source: Blizzard

This also makes it clear that Dr. Boom is not sitting alone in his laboratory thinking up plans to achieve world domination over Azeroth. He also has a number of equally crazy and ingenious (or ingeniously next to them?) Comrades:

Hearthstone - Weird scientists

Dr. Bumm's secret scientific facility, Bumm Laboratory Technology, is a maze-like complex on the torn, floating continent of Nethersturm. Amazing inventions, dangerous gadgets and breathtaking gadgets await you in every corridor. In its wondrous - and dangerous - laboratories work the brightest minds of modern SCIENCE! There you will meet the wonderfully eccentric research leaders - meteorologists, astronomers, biologists, seologists and more.

Each of these legendary scientists embodies a certain discipline and has considerable powers in this field. When Dr. Bumm's secret laboratory opens its doors on August 7th, you have the opportunity to use the amazing minds of these geniuses in your decks. Until then, you can watch this video to find out more about what's going on at Bumm Labortechnologie.

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