Hearthstone - New Expansion Dr. Bumm's secret laboratory is coming on August 7th

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Hearthstone Dr Bumm's secret laboratory

The next Hearthstone Expansion was introduced and the news was really explosive. Under the title Dr. Bumm's secret laboratory ("The Boomsday Project") come the craziest inventions that explode in 99% of all cases.

Hearthstone - Dr. Bumm's secret laboratory

With a "crazy" video, the Hearthstone development team presented the next expansion today and showed some of the new game mechanics. The expansion consists of the usual 135 cards and will be released on August 7th.


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Fresh in Dr. Bumm's secret laboratory the magnetic Mechs. These can be played like normal mechs or attached to another mech when played to reinforce it. In the example there was the Spider bombthat could give another mech +2 / +2 and its death rattle effect and was destroyed in the process.

Hearthstone - spider bomb
Source: Blizzard

Another category was the project cards like that Biology project. The crux of these projects is that the benefits are effective for both players:

Hearthstone - Biology Project
Source: Blizzard

For the first time, players will also have legendary spells in their hands, these are of course extremely powerful and can be decisive for the game.

Hearthstone - Myra's Unstable Element
Source: Blizzard


The Omega project

Not to mention the cool name, these cards add a new element to the game. Similar to the echo cards from the witch forest, which could be played several times with more mana and thus became stronger, they have omega Project cards have a bonus of 10 mana crystals.

As an example, the Omega defender shown a 2/6 servant with mockery for 4 mana. That wouldn't be spectacular in itself, but if you play it, if you own 10 mana crystals, it gets +10 attack. 12/6 for 4 mana is a completely different caliber

Hearthstone - Omega Defender
Source: Blizzard

The first Legendary was presented for the shamans: Electra storm strike. This doubles the next spell you cast this turn. After the horror slap era, the era of combo decks for shamans continues. With the elemental + Electra + lava eruption alone, your opponent can expect 20 points of damage for 8 mana.

Hearthstone - Electra Stormstrike

Dr. Bumm's secret laboratory is likely to turn the Hearthstone world upside down again.

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