Hearthstone - Noble Gardens event brings 2 gold cards

Hearthstone - Noble Gardens

The Nobelgarten event in World of Warcraft has long been a public holiday, and now the fun egg hunt is also coming Hearthstone. From May 10th to May 13th, just logging into Hearthstone will give you 2 gold cards.

Of course, the inn is also in a posh garden mood and your heroes greet each other with appropriate festive emotes. A golden one Egg thief and a golden one Devilsaur egg the Hearthstone developers donate to all players. With this you will expand your collection Oster er Nobelgarten moderately.

Hearthstone - egg coloring Chaos of cards

The card chaos of the week is of course also based on the festivities. When coloring eggs, you choose a color and special Nobelgarten cards. Every round your egg hatches something “cute” or, if you haven't used any color, a cute bunny. With the hatched servants you can then make egg salad out of your opponent.

So don't forget to log in between May 10th and 13th so as not to miss your 2 golden cards.

HCT Summer Playoffs

If you are more interested in the professional scene, Blizzard has one for you Guide to the HCT Summer Playoffs released. The playoffs for the Europe, America and Asia-Pacific region will begin in May. The article also has a nice look at the new decks likely to be played by the pros. By publishing The Witches' Forest a whole series of new, strong decks have emerged. Especially the decks with only even or odd cards shine in the ranking and are sure to be played in the playoffs. There are also popular combo or quest decks such as villain / warrior and priest.

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