Hearthstone ranking changes from February

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For the March season it has Hearthstone Team at Blizzard, major changes to the ranked games announced. Above all, the monthly reset is adjusted and the way in which the card back is received.

Hearthstone - The new ranking structure

While so far every month the Leaderboards rank was reset and you got bonus stars for the maximum achieved rank, you will generally be around in the new system 4 ranks reset. With this, the developers achieve that the players at the top of the ranking towards Legendary & Co. no longer have to fight through the lower ranks. This was a problem with every season reset, as normal players suddenly had to play against very good professionals and beginners in particular were destroyed by top decks.

In addition, the current Hearthstone rank structure changed, all ranks now need 5 stars, i.e. 5 victories to reach the next higher rank. So far, the number has increased from 2 stars at ranks 25 to 20, up to 5 stars from rank 10. With the patch, the progress will be the same for all players.

The final change affects the monthly card back that players previously received for reaching rank 20. Since with the new 5-star system, the number of wins for rank 20 increases significantly, the card back becomes easy for 5 rankings wins awarded in the respective season.

The previous "security" ranks 15/10/5 will be retained when the system is converted. As before, after reaching these ranks, you can no longer relegate.

The transition to the new system begins with February season, in this it is still necessary to reach rank 20 for the card back. At the start of the March season the players are then reset by 4 ranks for the first time. From the March season onwards, 5 wins are required in ranked games. to get the card back.

Hearthstone Game Director Ben Brode explains the changes in a small video that we added for you at the beginning of the article.

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