Hearthstone - Ranking Reset and July Card Back "Light Forged"

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Hearthstone - Witch Forest

The back of the card for the July ranking season started yesterday in Hearthstone is here and is particularly chic this time. The Light forged Card back beckons as a reward at the end of the new season if you have played and won at least 5 ranked games.

Hearthstone - July season fresh started

The back of the card arrives in the loot box on August 1st, which also contains your remaining well-deserved rewards. The better your rank, the more golden cards and dust you will find in the chest. Your rank last season also gives you a head start into the new season.

When you reset the rankings at the end of the month, you will only be reset by 4 ranks and if you have reached rank 10, for example, you can go straight to rank 14. This makes the ascent much faster than with the classic system, in which you would have landed on rank 17-18 under similar conditions.

Hearthstone card back light-forged

When you think of Lichtgeschmiedet you have to think of World of Warcraft and the Draenei. With Yrel just appeared in Heroes of the Storm. There is currently matching also the raffle for a real hammer of the Naaru.

Here the official message of the Hearthstone team:

Are you ready for some action? Are you ready to fight for JUSTICE? To arms, duty calls! The light fades in the gloomy shadow of the witch forest, but the time has come to fight for what is right. Make sure your opponents follow the rules during the July Ranked Season, and the card back Light forged belongs to you!

Such card backs replace the regular graphics on the back of your cards. They are the perfect way to showcase your accomplishments in Hearthstone. If you the Light forged- To add card backs to your collection, you must win 5 games in Standard or Wild Ranked Ranked Mode. At the end of the Ranked Season for July you will then receive the Light forged-Back of cards in your Ranked Mode reward chest.


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