Hearthstone - Fixed ranking issues, 3 packs of cards in compensation

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The patch that will start the March ranking season in on Wednesday Hearthstone ushered in, unfortunately had some errors. According to reports from the Asian realm, players received up to 5 stars per win and Blizzard initially deactivated the ranked games until a hotfix was created and installed.

Hearthstone Ranking Changes

With the March season, the new ranking rules finally came into play. With immediate effect, players will no longer be completely reset to rank 25 when transitioning to a new season and will then be rewarded with bonus stars for the rank of the previous season. Instead, you are now reset 4 ranks, so you start closer to your previous rank than before. To unlock the back of a season card, it is no longer necessary to reach rank 20, but instead 5 wins in the season secure the new card back.

The quest log also shows how many games you still have to win.


These changes led to the problems mentioned above, which prevented ranked matches from being played for 2 days. As compensation and compensation for the patience of the players, Blizzard is donating 3 free packs of the current Kobolds & Catacombs expansion.

Blizzard position name related to the problems

Here the position name of the Community Managers Toschayju on the Hearthstone forums just under an hour ago:

“We implemented another hotfix for the bug that affected the rated mode in all regions. Unfortunately, while we were working on the hotfix, we had to temporarily disable rated mode to fully fix the bug.

 As part of the recovery process, some accounts may have received additional stars. Now everything should work as intended and you can fight your way up the rankings again.

 We understand that this downtime is disappointing for our community and we apologize for the inconvenience this caused. To thank you for your patience, we are giving each player three packs of cards from Kobolds & Catacombs. They can be redeemed from next week. You can get them through the gift function by logging into your Battle.net account either on the Battle.net desktop app or on your mobile device.

 We apologize for disturbing your gaming experience and thank you for your patience. "

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