Hearthstone - Starcraft Card Chaos brings 3 card packages

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The 20th birthday of Starcraft also pulls in Hearthstone its circles. To celebrate, Blizzard brings a very special card chaos this week: Interdimensional portals.

You choose any class and start with 10 cards, for this you choose one of 3 portals in Starcraft style. Your deck will be replenished with these 20 portal cards.

The 3 portals are based on the races in the Starcraft Universusm:

  • Terran - Tech - Here you can get mechs and other technical gadgets
  • Zerg - Swarm - Everything that creeps and flies
  • Protoss - Thoughts - Psi powers and everything that has to do with psychic powers are available here.

As a special reward for a victory there are 3 packs of Kobolds & Catacombs cards.

Here is the official message:

Hearthstone - 20 years of Starcraft


Portals are opening up everywhere! What lies behind it is completely strange and yet so familiar ... Choose a class, start the game with 10 cards and then decide on a special portal to replenish the rest of your deck.

Tech - Mechs! Weapons! Explosions! This portal brings you victory with technology!

swarm - If it creeps around, secretes toxic mucus, or has jagged spikes, it could crawl out of this portal.

thoughts - Ascend through this portal into higher spheres in order to acquire the psychic powers that you are looking for.

After you've made your decision, 20 portal cards will be added to your 10 class cards to complete your deck. Use portals to get minions and spells in your hand, all of which are thematically based on the classic factions of StarCraft - and cost three mana less! Prove to everyone what combination of classes and portals paves the way to domination!

Win a game and get THREE Card packs from goblins & catacombs as a reward!

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