Hearthstone - The August ranking season has started

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Apparently, not only do we suffer from the heat, but so too Hearthstone Makers, because for the August ranking season they bring the refreshing card back "lemonade". Hopefully iced!

Hearthstone ranked August

If the editorial thermometer shows (or still) 28 ° in the morning at 8 o'clock, then you can only survive the day with a lot of cool drinks. Blizzard recommends squeezing lemons and lemonade just right.

Hearthstone card back lemonade
Source: Blizzard

To get the back of the card in your Loot chest all you need to do is win 5 ranked matches in the August season that started today. It does not matter whether you win the standard or wild format.

In addition to the card back, you will also receive other rewards such as dust or golden cards in the loot chest at the end of each ranking season. The number and rarity of the golden cards depends on your rank. The whole thing is staggered in steps of 5, so that always reaching the Ranks 20 - 15 - 10 - 5 - Legendary, earns you a better or a second golden card.

So rank 20 gives 1 golden common card + 5 dust.

Rank 15: one gold common + one gold rare card and 5 dust.

Rank 10: two golden ordinary cards + one golden rare card and 5 dust.

Rank 5: two golden ordinary cards + one golden epic card and 5 dust.

Legendary: three gold ordinary cards + one gold epic card.

In the intermediate steps there is always 5 more dust. So rank 19 = 10 dust, rank 18 = 15 dust and so on.

So it is worth trying out the ranking list and fighting your way to at least rank 20 or 15, because the golden cards are of course also worth more dust to make other cards. Unless you put it on a complete collection of gold cards and keep them all good, but that's more of a long-term project.

With the new Hearthstone expansion Dr. Bumm's secret laboratory As always, the ranking list will be shaken up on August 7th, so the ideal time to try something new.

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