Hearthstone - The Lich King brings gifts

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“There must always be a Lich King!” In line with this wisdom, the Lich King also equips Hearthstone make another visit. The Frost Throne Festival will take place from September 19 to 23 and the temperatures will drop.

To celebrate this event there is a new card chaos and a free golden card. There are also 2 special quests that are extremely profitable with 300 gold each.

Hearthstone image of the happy ghoul
Source: Blizzard

You will find all the necessary details from the official Hearthstone website below:

Hearthstone - Winter is coming

I, the Lich King, will soon return to your wretched world, you poor mortals!

During my last visit, I left some of my belongings at Blizzard headquarters. As I pick them up from September 19-23, I invite you to relive the glory of the Knights of the Frozen Throne ... Only better!

If the Knights of the Frost Throne have already exceeded your mortal imagination, then be prepared for something: the Frost ThroneFEST will be so cool that you will almost freeze to the Frost Throne.

Next week, I'll be resurrecting the Hearthstone champions as death knights in a ruthless new card chaos! I will also distribute the gold I do not want to haul back to Northrend, and you can relive the moments of my greatest triumph at an unbeatable price.

Get ready!

Death Knight Duels

In this frosty map chaos, prove which of my death knights is in charge! You and your opponent can both leave your boring existence as mortals behind and start the match as a death knight. In addition, each deck is equipped with cards from Knights of the Frozen Throne to match.

Ghouls play for free

Log in to Hearthstone during Frost Throne Festival to receive the free Happy Ghoul gold card. Release his cuteness on future opponents. Or disenchant him like an ungrateful savage.

Just a couple of coins

Two special quests await you, each granting 300 gold - a total of 600 gold. My total indifference to financial planning is your gain!

Warm your frozen hearts with more wraps

Is your weak living body susceptible to cold? Do you want more cards from the Hearthstone expansion featuring the most powerful creature that made the world unsafe when it died? Do you long for the power of more death knights to add to your collection? Then get the Frost Package - 30 Knight of the Frost Throne card packs at a special price!

I'm tired of this gossip. Participate and be rewarded, mortals!

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