Hearthstone - the monster hunt begins!

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Hearthstone monster hunt

Almost 2 weeks after the Hearthstone Extension Hexenwald published was, it goes today with the Monster hunting Come on. after the Treasure hunts in Kobolds & Catacombs have been an extremely popular pastime, expectations of monster hunting are high.

Here is the official explanation of the new solo adventure:

Hearthstone - off to the monster hunt!

You slip into the role of one of the four experienced monster hunters who go deep into the witch forest on Hagatha's trail. Each of these heroes, or antiheroes, has their very own tricks up their sleeves, including a special hero skill that you must master if you want to survive the hunt. With every monster hunt you will have to face a series of up to eight monstrous bosses. With every victory you get the tools you need to keep strengthening your deck. However, should you fall, you will have to restart the hunt with a different deck. The way in front of you will not be an easy one - the forest is teeming with diabolical enemies! In addition, every hunter harbors a grudge against a special boss they have met before - a kind of personal nemesis. Each hunter's journey ends with a decisive battle against their nemesis.

All four hunters each give a quest that gives you a pack of cards The Witches' Forest bestowed! So it's best to go hunting monsters with every hunter. Each completed quest unlocks the next quest in the series. Don't be too long hunting, though - these quests are only available for a limited time *. If you manage to complete the monster hunt with all four hunters, you can face the source of evil in the Witch Forest: Hagatha!

* Monster hunting quests will remain available through July 26th.

So a lot of adventures and tricky challenges await you. The monster hunt is free of charge, so you can try your luck without worrying.

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